Sonu Sood includes a scholarship plan for IAS aspirants at the memory of his late mother

Sonu Sood comes up with a scholarship programme for IAS aspirants in the memory of his late mother
Since the nation has been battling its own fight with the coronavirus, Sonu Sood was working for researchers, frontline staffs and people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Now, on his mum’s 13th death anniversary, Sood has paid tribute to her from finding a different method of contributing back to society. The actor developed a scholarship programme named Prof. Saroj Sood Colleges to encourage IAS aspirants match their dreams and achieve their targets. Under the programme, scholarships will be accessible to pupils for online along with on-campus classes.

Taking to Instagram, the Sonu shared,”October 13; 13 years because My Mom passed. She left a heritage of Instruction. On her anniversary now, I vow to encourage IAS aspirants achieve their aims through Prof Saroj Sood Scholarships. Hunting stinks Miss un maa. @scholify_me”

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