Songlorious Net Worth: How Much They Get from Sharks!

songlorious net worth

Songlorious is a custom music company that offers music while keeping in mind the narrative that its customers have shared by making their own music.

They have a large number of skilled songwriters, vocalists, and composers who contribute to the creation of original songs. According to his claims, anyone with a regular voice may create music with Songlorious.

The user must first choose their own story, artist, and genre. A music file will be made and made available in a few weeks in accordance with this story.

The length and lines of the song’s lyrics determine how much it costs. For lyrics with 16–24 lines, it costs $180, and for lyrics with 24–36 lines, it costs $250. It offers music in download format for immediate listening, on USB drives, and on other streaming services.

Currently, freelance portals like Fever offer the option of creating customized tunes.

songlorious net worth

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Songlorious Worth

According to reports, the corporation is worth $1 billion.

Who Is Songlorious’ Creator?

Omayya Atout is the CEO and founder of Songlorios. She is a civil engineer. Ellen Atout, its co-founder, and chief artist manager, exclusively handles the artist and recruits singer-songwriters from various genres.

Omayya graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Mechanical Engineering. He has five years of experience at Norfolk Southern Corporation as a Track Supervisor II. He has been a manager at Amtrak for a year in addition to this.

While pursuing a BA in history at the University of Miami, Ellen worked as a barista for Starbucks. For ten months, she had been a barista at Blue Bottle Coffee.

What Transpired During Songlorious’ Shark Tank Pitch?

Ellen and the Shark Tank team are looking for $400,000 for a 10% interest in their business in episode 28 of season 7. This is worth $4 million in total.

They assert that their offering is a present that causes an emotional response. Before beginning a song about the Sharks, the pair gives a brief explanation of their business strategy.

The first sentence reads, “Kevin O Kevin, your head mimics me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe you’re sexy.” Short songs about each Shark are then sung.

songlorious net worth

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Once the song is through, they go over the pricing structure. The business made $700,000 in 2019 and $1.1 million in 2020. Profits increased by 9%.

After a friend asked Ellen to write a custom song for her wedding, Ellen found her inspiration.

They started the business in their apartment, and after the Covid-19 epidemic, business really took off and they started getting requests from artists to perform.

Their primary competitors are other solo performers who use song templates and companies that just add a customer’s name to the track.

They want to use the Shark’s funds to hire professional marketing help. While they are explaining that they will make $2.5 million in 2021, Kevin stands up and walks up to Mark.

According to Peter Jones, who once ran a similar business, Songlorious has a lot of potentials to be a huge success.

He offers 33.3 percent in exchange for $400,000. Then Daymond makes a $400,000 offer for a 20% stake. After the ad, Mark and Kevin make a bid of $400,000 for 25%.

Then Mark announces that he would enlist Peter to submit a $400,000 bid for 33.3 percent of each of the three Sharks.

Then Daymond offers to join if they negotiate a four-Shark deal worth $400,000 and a 40% stake. Daymond asserts that he might profit off the African American community’s love of music.

Then Mark increases his offer to $500,000 for 40%. Together, Ellen and Omayya answer with $800,000 for 40%. The transaction is eventually accomplished thanks to the Sharks’ steadfastness.

After the Shark Tank Pitch, Songlorious

Daymond may have been involved because the company announced the day after the program aired that they would now be publishing Hip-Hop tracks.

Additionally, they plan to record songs in other languages, starting with Spanish and Arabic.

The corporation sent a press release on October 26, 2021, stating that things are moving along. In 2021, they project that revenue will be greater than $2.5 million.


The company Songlorious is one that Omayya is the owner of. With $800,000 for 40% off Shark Tank, they receive a fantastic deal. With its current value of $1 billion, the corporation has amassed an enormous fortune.

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