Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Based on the novel of the same name, Solo Leveling is an ongoing webtoon series currently on its 2nd season. It is the most popular webtoon series at the momentum and is currently at its climax. The plot features protagonist Sung Jin-Who who obtains the power of the system.

Solo Leveling takes place in a world riddled with gates that reside monsters of a different kind. To combat them, humans who awaken supernatural powers enter the gates and fight them. Among them is Sung Jin-Woo who becomes the top hunter in the world. Let’s talk about Solo Leveling chapter 168 spoilers, release date, and time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Recap

In Solo Leveling chapter 167 recap, the cluster of shadow army appears out of the gate. The hunters present there just gaze at them in awe. One of the hunters commands to initiate the attack. However, Jin-Woo asks everyone to stop.

Grand Marshal Bellion

Upon hearing him, everyone ceases their attacks. Min-Chul asks Jin the reason for it and he says it’s nothing to worry about. All the shadow soldiers descend onto the ground as everyone around watches them Slowly.

One soldier who looks like their leader approaches Jin. He bends his knees and shows respect to Jin-Woo. The soldier reveals his identity as Grand Marshal Bellion. All of his armies follow the same gesture and show respect to Jin as their liege.

Emergency Meeting

An emergency meeting is held in the Korean Hunter Association. The foreign press is requesting them to release an official statement on events that took place. Furthermore, the American bureau is asking them to reveal Jin’s location.

Min-Chul assures them not to worry about the disappearance of Jin as this has happened before. He also says that it’s better than monsters coming out of Gate joined Jin. It saved a lot of hunters who would’ve otherwise died.

Beru vs Bellion

Jin brings all of his armies to an isolated location. He divides them into two to fight each other for training. Beru approaches him and asks for permission to fight Bellion for the position of Grand Marshal. He accepts the proposal and both begin the fight.

Bellion manages to take down Beru, however, he gets back at him and attacks him in the chest. Meanwhile, hunter Lui from China arrives in South Korea to assist Jin in the battle. The news of Jin’s army reaches King of Dragons as he commands his army to prepare for the war.

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Spoilers

For Solo Leveling chapter 168 spoilers, we don’t have anything available yet. The raw scans are yet to come out, hence it will take some time before spoilers arrive. For the time being, let’s discuss the biggest talking point of the next chapter.

Battle for Supremacy

The fight between Beru and Bellion is not over. Though Bellion looked overwhelming, however, Beru’s insect instincts caught him by surprise. It is still a long shot but it doesn’t seem like Beru will be able to defeat Bellion.

On the other hand, some hunters from other countries are arriving to aid South Korea. They understand the scale of the battle and how drastically it can affect the fate of the world. We will learn more about this in the next chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Read Online

You can read Solo Leveling Chapter 168 online on TappyToon. For the English translated version, there are some scanlations available as well but we don’t recommend them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 168 Release Date and Time

Here is Solo Leveling chapter 168 release date and time.

  • S. Korea – 4:00 AM, September 23rd
  • USA/Canada – 2:00 PM, September 23rd
  • India – 0:30 AM, September 23rd
  • UK – 8:00 PM, September 23rd
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, September 23rd

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