Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers, Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers, Release Date and Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers, Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling is an ongoing South Korean webtoon series currently on its second season. It is the most famous webtoon series all across the world. Solo Leveling’s plot puts Sung Jin-Woo in the world of humans and monsters where he must defeat the latter to progress.

Set in the supernatural world where humans awaken superhuman abilities to fight monsters coming out of gates, Solo Leveling is a fantasy series. Its protagonist is Jin-Woo who is also an awakened human with abilities that keep on improving with each battle. Let’s talk about Solo Leveling chapter 160 spoilers, release date, and time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers, Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Recap

In Solo Leveling chapter 159 recap, Jin takes out his dagger to attack the Monarchs. Plague Monarch throws her army at Jin however, he keeps on fighting them off. These corpses and Ice Monarch’s golem attack Jin together.

Jin’s Struggle

Jin destroys the golem which surprises Ice Monarch. He keeps on attacking the Monarchs with a dagger and cuts Beast Monarchs hand with it. However, he easily regenerates it while Plague Monarch deploys her hands.

The ant shadow finally breaks out of Ice Monarch’s spell and gets to the aid of his master. Seeing him, Plague Monarch attacks him but he easily counters it. He applauds Jin for holding off three powerful entities. Plague Monarch finally lands a hit on Jin, pushing him into the wall.

The Show is Not Over

The Show is Not Over

Ice Monarch shoots pieces of ice at Jin but he keeps on countering them. Jin manages to stab the monarch in the chest, however, it’s not deep enough. He tries to approach him but gets backstabbed by Beast Monarch.

Jin starts bleeding and falls. Ant shadow does a war cry which enables all high-ranking shadows to break the spell. They join Jin to fight off the three Monarchs. Jin too gets up and uses his recovery skill which baffles his opponents. The fight is far from over for Jin-woo.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers

For Solo Leveling chapter 160 spoilers, the raw scans haven’t come out yet. As usual, you will be able to find them 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter. For the time being, let’s discuss some of the biggest talking points of the upcoming chapter.

Jin vs Three Monarchs

Jin has been holding off the Monarchs by himself. Even though they were able to overwhelm him for some time, but he’s still not scratched. Jin’s recovery ability is his big plus point which allows him to recover from any attack.

Now that his high-ranking shadows have also taken the field, it will be difficult for Monarchs to achieve their goal. Looks like things are just getting started for the protagonist and it won’t end well for his opponents.

Jin vs Three Monarchs

Who Will Be Victor?

At this moment, looks like the momentum has changed into Jin’s lap. However, you can’t underestimate the opponents he’s going against. Especially Beast Monarch and Plague Monarch are pretty strong and can’t be taken lightly.

With his shadows by his side, Jin may have some relief but it’s still too early to draw any conclusion. The fight between them will certainly be brutal and last for quite some time. Hopefully, Jin will emerge victoriously.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Read Online

You can read Solo Leveling Chapter 160 online on TappyToon for English release. You will also find some unofficial scanlations but we don’t recommend them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Release Date and Time

Here is the Solo Leveling chapter 160 release date and time.

  • S. Korea – 4:00 AM, July 28th
  • USA/Canada – 2:00 PM, July 28th
  • India – 0:30 AM, July 28th
  • UK – 8:00 PM, July 28th
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, July 28th

Will Jin win against these three Monarchs? Let us know your thoughts down below. For more Solo Leveling updates, make sure to follow us on social media.

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