Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date, Time, Where to Read
Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

The death of top hunters around the world has created a wave of tension among people. The people who were supposed to hunt are now getting hunted. It’s not a great time to be a high-ranking hunter because they’re getting targeted by a strong group of individuals.

The passing of chairman Gun-hoo has triggered Jin-woo. His incapability to save him made Jin tear up during the burial. Now it’s time to strike back and with a clear goal in mind, Jin offers protection to targeted hunters. Solo Leveling Chapter 152 will likely start this Jin expedition as he starts protective custody for these hunters.

Solo Leveling is a popular webtoon series released by  D&C Media. It is one of the first webtoons that has found global success. The plot is set in a world where portals appear randomly and monsters swarm out of it. It is up to hunters, who are superhuman to take care of these monsters and protect people from their havoc. One such hunter is our protagonist Jin-woo who despite being initially weak, finds a way to become much stronger.

Solo Leveling Chapter 152

Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date

The next Solo Leveling Chapter 152 is set to release on 19th May 2021. The title of the chapter isn’t announced yet but we expect to learn about it once raw scans surface. With over 4 volumes already to its name, the next chapter will make another blazing addition to this saga on Wednesday. Here are the release times for the upcoming chapter.

  • S. Korea – 4:00 AM, May 19th
  • USA/Canda – 2:00 PM, May 19th
  • India – 0:30 AM, May 19th
  • UK – 8:00 PM, May 19th
  • Europe (CEST) – 9:00 PM, May 19th

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 152?

Tappytoon has taken a job of delivering an English translated version of the webtoon from 2020. You will be able to read the upcoming chapter on their platform.

What are Spoilers for Solo Leveling Chapter 152?

Since we don’t have raw scans for the upcoming chapter, there are no spoilers available at the moment. But looking at stuff that happened in the previous chapter, we can weave a thread of plotlines possibly taking place in the next chapter. Let’s discuss some of the biggest talking points of Solo Leveling Chapter 152.

Jin Woo’s Protection

Jin-Woo’s Protection

An emotional and enraged Jin-woo is on his path to save the lives of top-ranked hunters who can’t afford security. While addressing the press conference he made it clear that he will offer protection to the hunters. In the next chapter, we may see some potential candidates approaching him for this cause and ask for his protection. Jin didn’t have any interest in participating in this cause but the death of the chairman has impacted him.

Encounter With Ice Monarch

Ice Monarch declared that he will be coming back again. It’s possible that we may not see him in action for some time, but chapter 152 can give us more closure on his role. All monarchs are strong individuals and Ice Monarch was pretty surprised to see they weren’t able to sense the presence of Jin-woo.

The new chapter will likely give us more information about this character and his story.

Quick Recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 151

Chairman died but his wish of meeting the monarch got fulfilled, meanwhile, Jin-woo made a very important decision that will impact the future. In this quick recap, let’s discuss key points from the previous release of Solo Leveling.

Jin vs Ice Monarch

Jin vs Ice Monarch

Jin still takes Ice Monarch for an Ice elf while the latter gets intimidated by Jim’s presence. Ice Monarch gives two choices to Jin; either save the chairman or attack him, Jin chooses the former. As Ice Monarch leaves he ensures of his reappearance pretty soon. On the other hand, the chairman is taking his last breaths and Jin-woo’s potions don’t make his health any better. Knowing that it’s his last moment, he expresses his appreciation for meeting Jin and asks him to side with humans in the future.

Jin’s Decision

After undecided option, Jin finally decided to protect the hunted hunters. He calls a press conference and declares that anyone seeking protection can contact his agency.

What will become of Jin-Woo going forward and facing probably strongest opponents? Where does he rank in terms of power right now? Share your opinions on this and tell us what you think. We’d be glad if you check to follow our social media accounts where we post updates on anime/manga every day.

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