SNL: Watch Dave Chapelle's Opening Monologue Video

SNL: See Dave Chapelle’s Opening Monologue Video

Nov. 8 was Dave Chappelle’s next time hosting Saturday Night Live following an election, but this time round things are more optimistic. Chappelle famously hosted SNL‘s Nov. 12, 2016 incident, the very first show after Donald Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton four decades back. This Saturdayhe had the honour of hosting the very first series following Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s proposed win for president-elect and vice president-elect, that doesn’t contain too greatly in Chappelle’s opening monologue. (It did occur pretty suddenly.) Rather, Chappelle glided through a opening which remembered the memory of his own great-grandfather — that had been born a servant — Freddy Mercury, Chris Christie, along with the COVID pandemic. “Recall lifetime before COVID? I really do,” Chappelle joked. “Mass shooting weekly. Thank God to COVID — somebody needed to lock these epic whites keep them in the home!”

At the conclusion, Chappelle issued a challenge for his fellow person. “If you are a excellent white [person], and then you really need to assist, then connect me. Random acts of kindness to get Black men and women. Do something nice for a Black man simply because they are Black, and also you have ta make certain they don’t deserve it,” he explained. “The exact same way… they did horrible things to Black individuals simply because they are Black and they did not deserve it. In case you driving the hood and you also find a Dark dude selling crack, then destroying his neighborhood, purchase him some ice cream. He will be skeptical, but he will take it” See the monologue above.

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