Snapchat will get an Among Us clone

According to the latest news, Zynga will bring a social deception game called ReVamp to Snapchat’s games platform soon. The developer announced this yesterday. It is clear that ReVamp is inspired by the popularity of games like Among Us.

Zynga’s description says players in ReVamp “aim to reveal who the vampire player is among their group of friends while they renovate the rooms of an old mansion.” The game features frequently contentious voting rounds, where players decide to remove people they suspect are imposters.

Snapchat will get an Among Us clone
Snapchat will get an Among Us clone

The only difference is here, they are finding a vampire in a group of humans. This is only the third game that Zynga has released for Snap Games, but given the viral success of Among Us, it is clearly getting popular.

Back in 2019, Snap first introduced Snap Games in its Snapchat app, a month after launching Bitmoji Party. Since this, the company has released a couple of interesting multiplayer games by joining hands with third party developers.

Snapchat has reached over 200 million players with its games and mini-apps in May and around 30 million players play Snap Games actively every month.

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