Slow Pulp discuss hand-illustrated audio video for’Track’

Slow Pulp share hand-illustrated music video for 'Track'

Slow Pulp have shared with an animated, hand-illustrated audio video to their song,’Track’, made by Philadelphia-based animator and artist Corrine James.

The tune is raised from the group’s debut LP,’Moveys’, published earlier this season.

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In a statement,” vocalist Emily Massey clarified the tune was written about her mom’s fear of obtaining hereditary Alzheimer’s disease.

“I had been awaiting the train one evening to return for my parents. There was an elderly girl who was waiting on the trail and she informed me of my late Grandmother that I’d never thought in a little while,” Massey explained.

“She passed from Alzheimer’s once I was in high school. My mom often worries she’s going to receive it also. The song functions as a letter trying to assure her that she’ll never be forgotten if she awakens.”

Within an extra announcement, James explained the cartoon was”motivated by Emily’s description of her mom”.

“It is inspired by this gorgeous inherited love which may at times get lost in translation if life generates conditions that we don’t have any control over,” she explained.

“It is also motivated by a trip I took to the river, so I saw a bird catch a bass and then fly off with it. It is all about love and about dread and regarding the exciting individuals we meet and the areas we have to go while we’re feeling either of these feelings.”

In an interview with NME, Massey explained the production of’Moveys’ within an adventure that brought the group closer together.

“We actually found our audio on this album,” she explained. “Something actually clicked between us once we began working with it. Writing became a great deal more natural and also far more collaborative”

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