Slipknot are currently selling their’We’re Your Kind’-age masks

Slipknot are now selling their 'We Are Not Your Kind'-era masks

Slipknot have begun promoting their official masks by the’We’re Your Kind’ age.

The group’s sixth album came out annually.

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Ranging from $35 (Number 27. 10) to $55 (Number 42. 59), enthusiasts can purchase masks worn with every Slipknot penis such as a”new man” variant — worn out with Tortilla Man — a reference to this inadvertent unmasking of this member using the unveiling of this group’s neck gaiter range before this season.

‘We’re Not Your Kind’ Official Slipknot masks are all still here. Get yours: https://t.co/uEayLLNj3J pic.twitter.com/beS2r2HzQH

— Slipknot (@slipknot) October 16, 2020

Reviewing a year’s’We’re Not Your Kind’,” NME wrote:”The’Knot’s first record is an amazing album: some roaring, dreadful delve into the bowels of this group’s revulsion, a primal scream of continually ingenious intense alloy and searing misanthropy.

“20 years from their debut appropriate — and out of this frightening photograph of them at the park — Slipknot have somehow stayed true to their heart since everything about them (as well as their line-up) has shifted.”

Frontman Corey Taylor demonstrated that the group are already considering their next record.

Talking to This Jamieson Show, the singer explained:”I was only talking to Clown [percussionist M. Shawn Crahan] the other day about what we ought to…’Cause we are clearly considering the next album may be like.

“And he is in this trippy location, dude, that is rad. I really like it when he is in this mad mindset, since I know I am gont hear things I’ve never heard before. He is so goddamn inventive, which arouses Jim [Root, guitar]. And all of the tumblers actually begin to fall. So it is pretty rad. I can not wait”

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