Slim Thug Blasts’Soft’ Men Who’Bow Down’ To Girls

Slim Thug Blasts 'Soft' Men Who 'Bow Down' To Women

Slim Thug took to Instagram to burst”tender” guys that are reluctant to enjoy photos of girls in Instagram — he states he’ll not”bow down” into a lady.

“I am the only man here who enjoys the images that I enjoy,” he states. “You imitation muthaf*ckas will find what you prefer and not ” like”since you’re fake. You do not need to appear hungry, you be worried about what somebody else will say. You need to visit a B*tch — response as a B*tch.”

He continued,”I don’t bow into some b*tch, I will always be the guy in the connection, and also the b*tch will stunt to me, period.”

His comments come seven weeks later he declared his favorable coronavirus evaluation on Instagram.

“no matches being played,” he explained from the movie in March. “As cautious as I’ve already been self-quarantined and remaining home, I may have gotten something to eat or anything or did some things like this – easy things like this, nothing mad – remained in my automobile, had gloves, masks, everything about. And that my test came back positive.”

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