Skype now blurs the background during video calls

People do not need to stress out regarding cleaning up their room when they are going to make a Skype call. They can easily have a conversation with their bosses without having to worry about what they might think of you.

Skype is no longer the go-to service for instant messaging and free online video calls because of WhatsApp and other apps. The company behind Skype has added a brand new feature which might prove out to raise the appeal the users. This move might make it possible for Skype to come back into the game in instant messaging and video calls.

The tech giant Microsoft brought this feature forward a few months after it added another feature, Microsoft Teams. When a person is opting to go for a video call via Skype, all they have to do is select an option “blue my background.” Choosing the option will immediately activate the feature, and during this duration, they will have to enable the option.

The new blur background feature in Skype, as well as Team, entirely depends on Artificial Intelligence. The new AI software module has been trained to have detection such as a human form. Artificial Intelligence is going to keep the person in front of the camera in focus. The brand new discovery has been specially trained for understanding hands, human hair, limbs as well as facial contours. The AI continually analyses the surroundings on the basis of the person’s movement on the video call screen. The AI keeps the rest of the background blurred.

By the looks of it, the addition comes with a warning. The tech giant, Microsoft has clarified that they did their best to make sure that the background will stay blurred. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t guarantee that the experience is always going to be blurred. The new feature is available in most of the laptops and as well as the desktop with the updated version of Skype.

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