Skincare: Puffy eyes from watching too much TV? 5 DIY remedies that work instantly

Now that everybody is at home, it is normal to tune into television and streaming sites till the wee hours of the morning and then wake up with puffy eyes. Here are some cures for it.

Puffy eyes are one of the biggest problems today. Sure, there are a lot of remedies for it including moisturising eye creams that cost a lot of money. Now that everybody is at home raiding their skincare closet with all the free time they have, what better than to create cheap, DIY remedies to deal with puffiness! Skincare experts and home- DIYers seem to have nailed some go-to recipes that work the same way, if not better than eye creams do. Read on!

Essential oilsOils like Olive oil, Coconut oil and more contain nutritional properties and are not only excellent for consumption but the skin and hair too. Both, if applied to puffy eyes, helps in locking in moisture, getting rid of darkness and even helps in combating wrinkles!

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Iced coffeeNo, this does not mean you stop drinking your coffee and apply it to your eyes. Instead, take some black coffee and freeze it to form ice cubes. Once you wake up and want your puffiness gone, apply the cool caffeine-laden cubes on your eyes that help in stimulating blood circulation and brighten up the tired skin. 

Green teaThis caffeine-rich staple also contains antioxidants that help soothe inflammation and reduce puffiness of eyes. Brew some tea and once cooled, soak some cotton pads and apply them directly to the eyes for a fresh look. 

Aloe VeraThere is a reason why Aloe Vera is loved by the beauty industry – it cures almost everything! The gel obtained from Aloe Vera contains vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties that help in de-puffing the eyes and moisturise dry skin. 

Vitamin EThese capsules aid in cell regeneration, are strong antioxidants and have hydrating and anti-aging properties. When applied around the eyes, the oil soothes the eye and helps fight against aging and reduces inflammation drastically. 

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How do you deal with puffiness of the eyes? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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