Six Million Votes Might Be Missing If Former Felons Are Not Restored Their Right To Vote

Six Million Votes Could Be Lost If Former Felons Aren’t Restored Their Right To Vote

As we approach everything will possibly be the most important election of our lifetimes, and that nation is also watching a mass cooperating using the United States’ long history of white supremacy and its continuing heritage. Every day, the forecasts for abolishing the systems which have plagued this nation since its founding are developing stronger and more powerful.

But while our allies from the roads are becoming more rapid, our bulk incarceration system proceeds to quiet the voices and communities impacted by it. Disenfranchisement laws now forbid six million people who have a felony report from engaging in their fundamental right as democratic citizens: Voting.

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Carry what’s occurring now in Florida for example. That is a country that revived voting rights 2018 to get as much as 1.4 million individuals who’ve experienced felonies and had finished their sentences. And today with all the presidential elections two months away, a lot of these people stay disenfranchised because of a court order requiring legal penalties to be paid before voting rights being revived. It has the capability to block thousands in their best to cast their ballots.

We can’t dismantle racism using finality unless we face and remove it in all its forms. The disenfranchisement of individuals with felony records will be that the Jim Crow era’s permanent legacy in the ballot box playing out in modern moment. We have to get rid of these racially-biased challenges and make sure that returning citizens can exercise their right to vote. 

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Make no mistake, most of legislation to disenfranchise individuals with felony records are more racist. It’s voter suppression simple and plain. Each vote must be honored and relied, and such laws were created to deliberately restrict the governmental power of Black folks and have done for at least a century.

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Over recent years after the Civil War since Black men gained voting rights, nations started to quickly expand disenfranchisement legislation for those who have felony records. Especially in the South, countries enacted targeted legislation toward crimes which were thought to be perpetrated more often by Black individuals, such as theft, vandalism and arson.

They gave us freedom on paper, however, made additional ways to lock us bar us away from flames and remove our fundamental rights. We’re standing up and giving voice to the issue since we’ve observed how this injustice was permitted to continue. 

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From the 2016 election,” in accordance with the Sentencing Project over 6 million Americans were banned from voting because of a felony conviction. That included over 20 percentage of potential Black Republicans in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia in the moment.

residing as a Black man from the U.S. means residing with a marker that says we had been born accountable. We’re more inclined to be harshly policed and defeated. We’re disproportionately incarcerated and exposed to harsher sentences. And finally, we’re more inclined to be stripped from the right to vote because of a felony record.

Considering that this racist history as well as the continuing disproportionate disenfranchisement of black voters by means of this system, we’re calling for a end to such laws. Every citizen must be able to vote, whatever the circumstance.

there’s a whole lot of misinformation regarding when and if individuals with felony records may vote, and consequently, disenfranchisement remains from the communities that want the power of the vote the many. We’ve observed misinformation utilized as an instrument to keep to suppress the emptiness of individuals of colour. This perpetuates the racist talking stage those who’ve been incarcerated don’t deserve the right to vote. They’re fearful of their collective energy, so that they knowingly effort on falsehoods to attempt and keep us quiet.  

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This second involves the dismantling of an unorthodox system in all its forms. That means we have to remove all of disenfranchisement laws, and move even farther to instruct the general public on voting rights of individuals with felony records.

This is going to be a long hard struggle, however, the very first step would be ensuring that people, irrespective of criminal record, are permitted with the simplest right a democracy enables its citizens: a very clear route into the ballot box and also the esteem of our votes.


Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. is the President & Founder of Hip Hop Caucus, an ministry, neighborhood activist, U.S. Air Force experienced. Dr. Yusef Salaam was only 15 years old if his life had been upended after being contested by four other boys at the”Central Park jogger” case. Back in 2002, following the young guys spent decades of their lives behind bars, their sentences have been overturned and they’re currently called the Exonerated twenty five.

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