Sir Elton John has spent ‘every single day’ with family amid coronavirus crisis

Sir Elton John loved spending “every single day” of the coronavirus lockdown with his family.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish

The 73-year-old musician and David Furnish have been side-by-side throughout the pandemic, and Elton says that spending quality time with his husband and their children – Elijah, seven, and Zachary, nine – has been the one “silver lining” from the ongoing crisis.

He shared: “The great thing about lockdown, and the silver lining, is that I’ve spent so much time with Zachary, Elijah and David.

“I never get to spend much time with them anyway, so since March when we left Australia we’ve been in complete lockdown either in Los Angeles or in Britain and we’ve spent every single day together and it’s been wonderful.”

Meanwhile, Elton also recalled his friendship with the late John Lennon, revealing they became close friends in 1974 after making a bet.

The singer revealed that John agreed to join him on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City if their song ‘Whatever Gets You thru the Night’ managed to top the charts.

Speaking about his relationship with the music icon, Elton told ‘The One Show’: “John came on stage with us at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thanksgiving 1974. I made a bet with him because I sang on his record ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’, and I played piano on it.

“I said, ‘Listen, if it gets to number one you’ve got to come on stage with us’, and it did get to number one so he did, and he hadn’t been on stage since the Peace concert in Toronto, and not in New York since the Beatles played Shea Stadium.”

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