Who Is Still Together from Season 2 of “Single’s Inferno”?

singles inferno 2 couples still together

On Tuesday, the second season finale of Single’s Inferno, a popular Korean dating show on Netflix, was made available to viewers worldwide.

True-life K-drama is featured in the show: Twelve eligible singles spend several days on a deserted island together without any prior knowledge of each other’s ages or professions in order to get to know one another.

Each day ended with the players selecting a partner to spend the night in a five-star hotel with outside the island. Only those who had been selected were permitted into the hotel, where they could open up about their lives and careers without fear of reprisal.

Three different couples all decided to leave the island together, and the episode ended on a dramatic note. And which couples actually remain together by the conclusion of the season?

Se-Jun and So-E

Fans were relieved to see newcomer Se-jun exhibit a lot of interest in So-e after Yoong-jae had rejected her. She struck his heart with her kindness as he checked in, and he decided then and then that he wanted to spend his first night in the hotel room with her.

And in the end, he chose So-e, telling her, “I get uneasy when you’re not around.”

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It is unknown, however, if the pair is still together. They are not Instagram followers of one another.

Se-most jun’s recent Instagram postings include him modeling suits for Ascottage, the tailor store of Single’s Inferno Season 1 cast member Jin-taek.

So-e, a student at South Korea’s Hanyang University with a concentration in acting, uses Instagram mostly to post photos of herself or her friends in profile pictures and headshots.

Yoong-Jae and Seo-Un

Seo-un, a former beauty queen and art student who was elected Miss Korea in 2021, and Yoong-jae, an employee at a securities firm, hit it off on their first romantic getaway together.

Seo-un also went to the hotel one night with Han-bin, who admitted he had always been interested in nothing but her, but the experience only strengthened her feelings for Yoong-jae, her ultimate choice.

Are they still together, though? The report is not yet official. Neither party is following the other on Instagram, and neither has shared any photos of the two of them together.

Recently, Seo-un posted a selfie from a winter beach vacation, and many of her other postings consist of similar selfies, as well as images of her modeling.

Many of Yoong-Instagram jae’s posts feature him in natural settings, but a more recent one has him posing in front of the National Museum of Korea.

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Jong-Woo Seul-Ki

At least three of the island’s males fell hopelessly in love with Seul-ki. Dong-woo claimed she was the only woman on the island to move his heart; Jong-feelings woo’s for her were unwavering and remained steady throughout the program; and Jin-chill, young’s alluring demeanor made him the most popular male participant among the women.

With a touching turn of events, Seul-ki decided to depart the island with Dong-woo, the former soccer player-turned-barista, as a reward for his undying loyalty.

But did their happily-ever-after mark the start of something even more fantastic? If they are still together is a mystery. Each of their Instagrams is devoid of any photos of them together.

Jong-Instagram woo’s account, to which he first posted for the first time two months ago, consists primarily of selfies and modeling photos, while Seul-profile ki’s has a mixture of selfies and photos of her in various beautiful outdoor settings.

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According to his Instagram, plastic surgeon Dong-woo also works as a model after placing second in the Mister Global men’s beauty contest in 2021.


Nadine, a neurology and computer science double major, recently posted on Instagram that she had a wonderful holiday season with her loved ones and went skiing.

Nadine, this season’s “it” girl for her beauty and intelligence, caught Dong-eye woo’s early on as well. After Nadine confessed she was a Harvard premed student, Dong-woo seemed distant as they checked into their hotel.

Single’s Inferno Season 1 cast mate Jun-sik, who follows both Nadine and Dong-woo on Instagram, allegedly just tagged the two in a picture, sparking rumors that Nadine and Dong-woo may be dating. According to the post, the three of them were seen sharing a box of chocolates.


As a result of his mysterious demeanor, Jin-young left a number of women captivated.

The Underwater Demolition Team veteran turned YouTuber is South Korea’s premier special operations team. His movies range from mundane documentation of his daily routines (eating, working out) to more serious fare (his time in the military).

Recent videos on his YouTube channel suggest that the Season 2 star is packing for his “first solo journey abroad.”


Se-jeong, a fashion model who boasted that her “beautiful figure” and “rarely” failing at landing the guy she goes after are her most confident attributes, didn’t end up in a couple throughout the show.

From the looks of her Instagram profile, which is dominated by selfies and fashion photos, Se-jeong has been jetsetting across the world, visiting cities like New York and Seoul, South Korea, as well as exotic locales like exotic beaches.


Although Seo-un ultimately rejected the professional chef, they grew close, and he became friends with several other cast members, including So-e, who invited him to stay with her at a hotel as a friend during one of her trips.

Many of Han-Instagram bin’s pictures lately have featured him surfing or engaging in other watersports, demonstrating his optimistic attitude and desire to maintain an active lifestyle.


Since the show, Min-soo, a fashion model and CEO of her own online apparel company, has kept a low profile. Her most recent Instagram posts are a combination of self-portraits and modeling photos.


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