Singer says litigation over Lady A title is’white privilege’

Country band Lady A files suit against singer with same name

Singer Anita White, that had been sued by a nation group within the usage of the title Lady A, states that the group is utilizing their white innocence.

The group who had formerly been called Lady Antebellumwho filed a suit in federal court Wednesday seeking a judgment that their usage of this signature”Lady A” doesn’t infringe White’s usage of the identical title. The group isn’t seeking monetary compensation.

The Grammy-winning group composed of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, who’re white, altered their name each month stating they’re regretful and ashamed for not taking under account the word’s relationships with slavery.

White, that is Black, told Rolling Stone magazine in a article published Friday she felt as though she had been erased. White stated she was acting as Lady A for over 20 years.

“They claim to be allies also they desired to change their title from their racist connotation, then they sue a Black girl for the brand new name,” White told the book.

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White stated in discussions with the group over the usage of this title, she asked $10 million, half of that she’d use to rebrand herself as well as the other half she’d contribute to charities of her choice, such as those connected with Black Lives Issue.

“that I must rebrand myself. I do not wish to share a title with you. And you also should not be permitted to only get a slap on the wrist,” White stated. “I needed my own title. All I ever needed was to keep my title from the blues genre performing exactly what I did. I should not need to flex (the group’s ) will since they have got cash,” she explained.

The suit stated the nation team registered for a trademark to the title”Lady A” back 2010.

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