Simone Biles stands Petition & Criticism Within Her Uber Eats Commercials With Jonathan Van Ness

Simone Biles Calls Out Petition & Criticism Over Her Uber Eats Commercials With Jonathan Van Ness

Simone Biles isn’t happy about a request in circulation calling Uber Eats to pull their advertisements featuring her Jonathan Van Ness.

Created by the conservative category, One Million Moms, the request asserts the Uber Eats is”trying to brainwash viewers” by incorporating the Queer Eye celebrity.

“Rather than making crowds lose their desire with glamorizing a LGBTQ way of life, Uber Eats must concentrate on what it will and stay neutral on contentious problems,” the petition reads.

Simone caught wind of this request and called them out to this.

“The world we live in makes me unhappy,” she began, including that she would”do x1000000 more advertisements along with you [Jonathan] only to piss off everyone!”

Simone included that “LGBTQIA will have my service and truly feel welcome in my socials.”

Uber Eats also echoed Simone‘s announcement concerning the request.

“In Uber Eats, we are unapologetically dedicated to representing the taste spectrum, so” they discussed at a statement to people. “By tacos to gift, we like it hot. JVN and Simone serve gymnastic art and ferosh self-confidence, qualities countless mothers everywhere –and dosupport”

in case you have not seen the advertisements, see the Tumbling one under!

The additional celeb duo are showcased in a couple of ads to get Uber Eats too.

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