Simone Biles’ Fiancé Jonathan Owens Celebrates Her Medal of Freedom

Simone Biles' Fiancé Jonathan Owens Celebrates Her Medal of Freedom

On Tuesday, Simone Biles and NFL player Jonathan Owens announced their engagement on Instagram.

Instagram captioned numerous photographs of the proposal, including a picture of the Houston Texan’s safety kneeling down on one knee. “THE EASIEST YES.”

“If I could spend the rest of my life with you, I’d do it in a heartbeat! marry FIANCÉ! “Gymnast and four-time Olympic gold medalist wrote about it.

“wake up This Morning with A Fiancée,” Owens Captioned an Instagram Post of The Proposal.

Simone Biles' Fiancé Jonathan Owens Celebrates Her Medal of Freedom

A laughing emoticon accompanied his statement: “She genuinely had no idea what was about to happen.” After meeting on social internet in March 2020, Biles and Owens started spending time together just before the pandemic lockdowns.

“For the first time in her life, she had no control over anything and nothing could be done about it. As a result, we were able to get to know each other on a deeper level. It strengthened our relationship and built a greater link between us. Because of this, I’m quite grateful right now “In June 2021, Owens told Texas Monthly that he had spoken to the magazine.

When Biles shared a selfie of the two on her Instagram account in August 2020, it became official. This is when Owens started visiting Biles family dinners every Sunday, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

After Spending Christmas with The Owens Family in 2020, Biles Went to See Owens Play for The Houston Texans the Following Day.

Simone Biles' Fiancé Jonathan Owens Celebrates Her Medal of Freedom

Owens and Biles continued to document special moments in their relationship via Instagram, including their Valentine’s Day celebration and a trip to Belize for their anniversary in March 2021. The first time Owens saw Biles compete at the US Gymnastics Championships in 2021, he had no idea who she was before she approached him on social media.

He told Texas Monthly, “I didn’t know who she was.” One of the things she appreciated about me was that I hadn’t heard of her before. Owens also stood by Biles’ side when the “twisties” struck and she had to withdraw from two Olympic events in Tokyo.

He posted on Instagram: “Imma ride with you through whatever babe,” Owens added. “Your bravery and tenacity are amazing, and you continue to inspire me on a daily basis. You’ll always be my champ baby, so don’t ever lose sight of that. I adore you and eagerly await your return so I can see your gorgeous smile once more. You know I’ll always be there for you, sweetheart.”

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