8 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See

8 Shows Like Jupiter's Legacy That You Must See
8 Shows Like Jupiter's Legacy That You Must See

Jupiter’s Legacy is a recent famous show that has gained a lot of popularity in no time. People went gaga over it and many die-hard fans are still in dilemma that what will they watch next?

Well, if you’re also among the same, this article will surely give you some inputs on what you should watch after Jupiter Legacy. We are sharing a list of 8 shows like Jupiter Legacy that you must see. Let’s proceed ahead.

8 Shows Like Jupiter's Legacy That You Must See
8 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See

Top & Best Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy

1. Doom Patrol

If you’re looking for one of the most quirkier superhero show, then watching Doom Patrol can for sure be the right thing to do for you. This show is very similar to Jupiter’s Legacy and is a very interesting and fun show to watch. The series has multiple issues that actually manifest across the two seasons. 

You can find the cast handling their own problems in the first season while the second season ends on a pretty abrupt cliffhanger. Indeed, the show is a must-watch show.

2. Invincible

If you’re a fan of animated series, then try out this adult animated series called Invincible. It is entirely based on a comic book and is created by Robert Kirkman. It also has a comic book with the same story, same name. It is neither too long nor too short a series consisting of eight episodes in total.

However, it is full of thrilling fights and plot twists that you would love. You can watch this series on Amazon Prime.

3. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is about a woman who starts her own investigation company by using some of her really unearthly skills. She is a smart character that does everything after ending her profession as a superhero and manage her work along with her personal demons. The show is made by Melissa Rosenberg and has gained a good amount of followers just after releasing the show.

4.  The Boys

The boys is another one good alternative for the audience who loves watching superheros. The show is based on a concept that at times superheroes are protrayed as popular celebrities, influencers and politicians but what if they misuse their powers?

The show is about exposing the truth about Vought and Seven. It is based on a comic book series that also has the same name.

5.  Marvel’s Runaway

Another name in this list is Marvels’ Runaway which is a US-based series about a group of teenagers who gathers together and found out about the terrible plan of their parents which they want to stop.

The show is all about those six kids who are still figuring out whether they want to follow what their parents doing or to do something of their own. The kids are the superheroes who will not leave their parents and stop their evil plans.

6. The Gifted

The Gifted is a story of a happy couple that lives with their children happily. One day, they found out that their kids have some mutant abilities after which they freaked out and did not know what to do next. Later wards, they were forced to join a community that may give them some help when required.

The Gifted series was released back in 2017 and has its two seasons in total. It is a full adventure series with many plot twists.

7. Teen Titans

Developed by Glen Murakami, this is an American based animated series that is based on DC comic’s superhero team. The show is all about a group of teen kids experiencing their daily life challenges like any other day until the day they found out that they have some superhero powers that makes them different from others.

Since then, they gathered up and managed to help others with their superpowers. It is a pure animated series with some high graphics. Indeed, it is worth watching the show for all. It has in total 5 seasons which had multiple episodes.

8.  The Umbrella Academy

Lastly, the Umbrella Academy is another American superhero based show which also has a comic book series published on the same name. The series is written by Gerard Way and is developed by Jeremy Slater. This is one of the best Jupiter’s Legacy Alternatives mentioned in this list.

The story is about a dysfunctional family who adopted two kids with some superpowers and who tried solving the mystery of their father’s death. It is an original series of Netflix where users can stream.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the 8 shows like Jupiter’s Legacy that you can watch when you miss the show like Jupiter’s Legacy. All these shows are very similar but have got their own storyline. You can check out any of them and do your binge-watching.

What are your thoughts on our choices?  Is there anything missing that you’d like to point out? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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