Sheryl Sandberg Net Worth: Journey of This Celebrity from Bottom to Top!

sheryl sandberg net worth

For more than a decade, Sheryl Sandberg has been one of Facebook’s most ardent supporters. She has played a critical role in transforming Facebook (formerly dubbed Meta Platforms) into the digital powerhouse it is today since joining the social media platform as a chief operating officer in 2008. She was instrumental in the development of Facebook’s mobile advertising strategy and defended the company amid various controversies, becoming one of the company’s most visible executives—and a billionaire worth an estimated $1.6 billion—along the way.

However, since the firm went public in 2012, the Meta executive, who said Wednesday that she will be stepping down from her long-time post this September, has been actively offloading her interest in the company. According to Forbes, Sandberg sold 92 percent of the Facebook shares she had in March 2013–shortly after the company’s first public offering in May 2012. That’s a total of more than $2 billion in shares. And she sold a lot of it in the years after Facebook’s initial public offering.

Sandberg was one of Facebook’s first executives, having been recruited by creator Mark Zuckerberg from Google, where she was vice president of worldwide online sales and operations. As of March 2013, she held about 17.9 million shares. Within a year, she had sold or given away roughly 30% of her stock; by 2015, she had sold or given away another 42% of her stock. Despite Meta’s share price hitting an all-time high in late 2021, her share sales began to decrease in 2016 and eventually came to a standstill in late 2019. Sandberg hasn’t sold any shares since October 2019, however, she has sold stock in the past to pay taxes on restricted stock grants.

According to FactSet, Sandberg has sold more than $1.8 billion in Meta shares to date, based on public disclosures. (This is a pre-tax figure.) She has also contributed around $350 million in Meta Platforms stock (together with $30 million in SurveyMonkey stock) to donor-advised funds, the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Fund being the most notable. It’s difficult to know where a gift to a donor-advised fund goes once it’s made.

According to a Forbes story from late 2019, just a small fraction of the money from the donor-advised fund has been transferred to Sandberg’s two nonprofit organizations, and According to a Forbes study of public papers, Sandberg gave $32 million to LeanIn and OptionB through The Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation from 2013 to 2019. There’s also no evidence that the funds were sent to any other charitable organization at the time.

Early Years

sheryl sandberg net worth

Sheryl Kara Sandberg was born in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1969. She was raised in a Jewish home with two younger siblings and relocated to North Miami Beach, Florida, with her family when she was two years old.

Before joining Harvard College, she excelled in high school, finishing with a 4.646 GPA. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1991. The John H. Williams Prize was given to her since she was the highest graduating student in the economics department. She returned to Harvard in 1993, this time for business school, getting her MBA in 1995.

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Sandberg began her career as a management consultant before joining the Treasury Department of the United States to work for Secretary of State Larry Sanders. She subsequently went on to work at Google, where she was in charge of advertising and publishing for the company’s consumer goods as well as the Google Book Search function. She finally departed Google after growing the company’s ad and sales staff from four to 4,000 personnel.

Sandberg was given the position of Facebook COO after meeting Mark Zuckerberg at a Christmas party. She began working for the firm in 2008 and quickly began looking for methods to turn the social media behemoth profitable. Sandberg was able to achieve her aim by incorporating sponsored advertising. She will be in charge of a large amount of Facebook’s corporate operations by 2020. She was the first woman elected to Facebook’s board of directors in 2012.

Sheryl Sandberg’s Net Worth Is Estimated to Be in The Millions of Dollars.

sheryl sandberg net worth

1.8 billion dollars

What is Sheryl Sandberg’s Salary and Net Worth?

Sheryl Sandberg is a businesswoman from the United States with a net worth of $1.8 billion. Sandberg is Facebook’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). Her net worth is primarily a reflection of her interests in Facebook and other firms, and she has been dubbed one of the world’s most powerful individuals. She had worked in politics and as a Google executive before joining Facebook.

Facebook Holdings Is a Company that Owns Facebook.


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According to public documents, Sheryl has sold $1.5 billion worth of Facebook stock since the company went public in May 2012. She held 0.06 percent of the company’s equity as of November 2018, which was worth $215 million before taxes and fees with a market valuation of $400 billion at the time. She also has 886,666 options worth $115 million pre-tax, based on a $400 billion market cap.

Sheryl had sold 2.4 million Facebook shares for $91 million in 2013, it was disclosed 2013. This accounted for only 5% of her overall Facebook holdings. Sheryl had sold more than half of her Facebook shares by 2014, leaving her with around 17.2 million total shares. This amounted to a 0.5 percent ownership share in the corporation, valued at almost $1 billion.

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Scandal at Cambridge Analytica

Sheryl Sandberg, according to many observers, had a significant part in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. In 2018, it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica had obtained data from Facebook users without their knowledge, primarily for the purpose of developing political advertising campaigns. Before it was shut down in shame, Cambridge Analytica was a British political consultancy business.

Users were exposed to questions in order to construct thorough psychological profiles, and Facebook was actively engaged. The data was subsequently sold to numerous political campaigns by Cambridge Analytica. This profiling and data mining began in 2013, and it is believed to have influenced the 2016 US presidential election. According to reports, Zuckerberg held Sandberg directly accountable for the repercussions and subsequent uproar. Sandberg apparently grew anxious about her job’s future after a heated argument with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.