Shereé Whitfield’s Mother Launched Safe 2 Weeks After Moving Missing


UPDATEShereé Whitfield‘s mom was found. 

“Thanks for all of the Truth, they WORKED! )” She declared via Instagram on Friday. “My mother was established safe and healthy. She’s with loved now. I could not have gotten through this without your assistance! GOD IS GOOD!”


Shereé Whitfield is requesting prayers as the hunt for her mommy salary on. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum occurred to societal websites on Wednesday to show her 72-year-old mother, Thelma Ferguson, is currently missing. 

“Please keep my mother and my entire family in your mind! All of us understand that Truth can move mountains!!! I had been reluctant to post my worries because of my mum’s safe return since, though I’ve been in close contact with the authorities for the last two weeks, I am also fairly personal in regards to my loved ones,” she wrote in an announcement on Instagram. “Additionally, before, my mother has taken private holidays without letting your family know and we honor that facet of her. Nonetheless, this really is the longest she’s gone with no reaching out to anybody out of your household or their friends. Right now we’re leaning on God and remaining confident and prayerful for the safe return home. HOME is where the HEART prayer and is in amounts operate. 

The fact superstar concluded,”Since all of us continue to browse during these uncertain times, keep in mind that the blessings of owning every other…. Family is all! I ask that everyone pray for the mum’s safe return home. And be aware our loved ones will be [sic] thankful”

She noted,”If anybody has any advice we request that you please phone Sandy Springs authorities at 770-551-6923 or email your officers handling the missing persons case in Thank you”

“we would like to thank everybody for the massive quantity of love, service and prayers that we’ve obtained for my loved ones and for your safe return home of my mother,” the star told E! News. “We request that you continue to plead. At this moment, we’re still staying confident and retaining the faith that she’ll return home safe and sound. My mother is a man who dances to the beat of her own drum. She is a free spirit. If she wishes to traveling, she moves. But she’s never been away so long without communication with us”

Whitfield also shared an opinion for her mother with E! News. “Mother, we’re really worried about you personally. House is where you will need to be, particularly in this particular outbreak. We will need to be aware that you’re safe! Your own grandkids and family are all concerned sick. Please only come house or tell us which you’re okay.”

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