Love Beyond Reality: Unveiling the Fate of Chloe and Shayne’s Relationship After ‘Perfect Match’

shayne and chloe still together

Who knew that putting Shayne Jansen from Love Is Blind and Chloe Veitch from Too Hot to Handle and The Circle in the same room would cause sparks to fly right away?

The influencer and the realtor connect right away in Episode 6 of Netflix’s newest dating series Perfect Match, becoming one of the strongest couples as soon as they match, despite all of the turmoil in the villa. There is a good probability that this couple will survive the series, despite the fact that every relationship must have its hardships (at least in the Netflix Reality Universe).

Follow along as we break down what transpired between Chloe and Shayne on Perfect Match and consider the likelihood of a post-production reconciliation.

On “Perfect Match,” What Happened Between Chloe and Shayne?

shayne and chloe still together

Shayne, one of the mansion’s original residents, initially struggled. He first paired with Ines, but while having similar interests, they don’t immediately develop into something more. He also matches with Izzy, a different Perfect Match cast member, in an unexpected partner switch with Nick, but when she matches with Bartise, he is forced to match again with Ines.

As a result of their energies being perfectly synchronized, Shayne and Chloe wind up having a shower together and sparks fly (with swimsuits on, thankfully). Although Perfect Match advances quickly, they are right away the strongest match on the program. Chloe is set up on a date with her ex and former castmate Mitchell from The Circle season 2 after Francesca and Damian seize control of the board.

After meeting on The Circle, Chloe, and Mitchell really dated for eight months before calling it quits. Chloe takes the difficult decision to match with Mitchell to explore where things may have gone, allowing Shayne to depart the house. The balcony pool, which floods onto the terrace when Mitchell cannonballs in, also gives Shayne a chilly shower. (Rough.)

Even though Chloe and Shayne appear to be done for now, things with her new match have already turned sour. After winning the compatibility test and receiving a romantic date two days after Chloe and Mitchell find each other, Mitchell reveals that he is not currently searching for a relationship. Chloe declares that she will welcome Shayne back if he appears on the board after instantly regretting sending him home.

shayne and chloe still together

So who do you think is on the board when Mitchell and Chloe enter the boardroom the next day? After an emotional reunion with Shayne, Chloe re-matches herself with him and expresses that Mitchell wasn’t her first choice and that she had to make sure their relationship was gone for good. Chloe chooses to use a rap to declare her love for Shayne once they are paired up once more and Mitchell leaves. (It’s acceptable if you skipped this.)

Because of his ongoing injuries from the balcony pool overflow disaster, Shayne is regrettably still very insecure about himself and Chloe. It just takes one word of doubt to throw him into a tailspin. As Chloe realizes she can’t get through to him right now and suggests they talk about it in the morning, he continually threatens to leave because he believes she was happy that he was going. As a result of Chloe spending the night with Dom and Georgia and Shayne’s admission of self-sabotage the following morning, they are once again together.

For Chloe and Shayne, the remainder of the season is a bit of a blur even though they appear to be strong despite all the stress. Shayne behaves admirably even around Mitchell as they get through the “bring everyone back” party, and Chloe informs Shayne that she wants to make it work on their final date. Mitchell asserts that he and Shayne are extremely similar at the finale’s Survivor-style panel, but Chloe quickly silences him. Even though they don’t take home the grand prize, she and Shayne agree that they believe they are each other’s ideal match.

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Are Shayne and Chloe Still Together?

shayne and chloe still together

We now have proof that Chloe and Shayne aren’t still dating after the finale aired. Chloe said in a TODAY interview that they split up after filming for a multitude of reasons, including distance. She resides in the UK, but Shayne continues to be located in Chicago.

“Unfortunately, we’re not together. There were some ups and downs at the conclusion of ‘Perfect Match’ episodes, she told the publication, alluding to her and Shayne’s argument in Episode 10.

“I was full of optimism when I resolved to make him my ideal partner. The bubble we were in immediately burst as we stepped outside the property, she added.

Chloe had already made several social media postings that could have hinted at her breakup with Shayne. When you pray to God for your perfect match but it’s the far distance sort, a woman appears to be crying in one video clip, which has the description “When.”

In the Netflix original documentary “Where Are They Now?” clip, Chloe, and Shayne both shared their thoughts on their split. Shayne made a good first impression by admitting “complete responsibility” for their short-lived romance and pointing to the difficult circumstances surrounding his season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar. (More to follow on that.)

He claimed in the video, “It was absolutely my fault that relationship didn’t work. “I was under a lot of stress since my program was still on. When I returned home, there was utter mayhem. Being so far away from my partner after being so close for two or three weeks straight was stressing me out a lot. That was just really challenging.

Chloe added a little more detail about how their relationship ended after the filming.

“After filming was finished, I had just a little bit of a realization. I was surrounded by Perfect Matches. That was lovely. I was feeling quite hopeful while we were at the villa with Shayne, she said. And then, as soon as the filming ended, I felt like asking myself, “Is this really going to work? ” Then a little bit louder alarm bells began to sound.

It seemed like she and Shayne were waiting in line to ride a roller coaster, she said. “Then we climbed aboard the roller coaster. We both puked, and once we exited, I realized that I didn’t enjoy that rollercoaster. That much sums up my relationship with Shayne.

Furthermore verified by Shayne is the fact that Chloe and he are now giving each other space. We came to the conclusion that it would probably be best if we just gave each other room. Each of us respects the other. We have feelings for one another. But at this time, there is just no need for that type of friendship contact, he remarked.

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Despite Chloe’s silence in the Netflix film about whether or not she is now single, she has forged an intriguing friendship after Perfect Match. She and Shayne’s ex-fiancée Natalie collaborated on a few TikToks last week, one of which features a lighthearted moment in which she, Natalie, and Ines discuss their shared history with Shayne. Despite Chloe writing, “*no hatred we adore Shayne – we all just have one thing in common!” under the post.

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