Short and Sweet: Shauna Rae’s New Haircut Takes the World by Storm!

Shauna Rae Shows Off Haircut After Years of Long Locks

The actress of “I Am Shauna Rae” offered fans a preview of her brand-new, very different appearance.

Shauna Rae has done the short haircut!

The I Am Shauna Rae actress showcased her drastic transformation by cutting her long hair into a just shoulder-grazing layered haircut in a social media video uploaded on Thursday.

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The video, which is set to Big Boss Vette’s “Beautiful Girls Walk,” opens with the TLC personality’s long hair. She then spins towards the camera to showcase her new hairstyle and a huge smile.

“Chopped!” she captioned the image, adding a thank you to hairdresser Alex Oringer. I adore it!

At age 23, Shauna, who is 3’10” tall and has pituitary dwarfism, has a broad interest in fashion. She stated in January that she hopes to create an adaptable clothing line for those who don’t always fit into what is easily accessible on store racks.

She said, “I grew up not fitting into a [store] section, which is the major reason I’m attempting to build a fashion line. “I understand what it’s like to purchase clothing that fits you in one manner but not another.”

Shauna Rae Shows Off Haircut After Years of Long Locks

Her ultimate objective? In order to design her own clothing line that “fits tiny kids and everyone else on the beauty spectrum,” Shauna stated that she plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to further her education.

Although she claims to have heard “enough of times” that “people forget I’m short,” the budding fashion designer insists that “I don’t ever forget.”

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Mondays at 10 p.m. ET, I Am Shauna Rae is shown on TLC.

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