Shattered Throne Map: Shattered Throne Map and Dungeon Complete Guide

shattered throne map

The Shattered Throne is the game’s equivalent of a dungeon. The Shattered Throne is more akin to a mini-raid, involving two enemies with unique mechanics and platforming across vast settings, in contrast to Strikes, which are simple assignments meant to be farmed. Additionally, it is only accessible once every three weeks (per character). Shattered Throne is perhaps the best activity in the game for loot and fun if you’re not into raiding. With recommendations that will make the key encounters much simpler, we’ll go over how to complete each section of the dungeon in this guide.

First things first: you must travel to the dungeon’s entrance in order to start your quest. The quickest route to Shattered Throne is straight ahead while hugging the left wall from the landing zone of Dreaming City. Continue on until you reach the big structure where the Oracle is housed. There is a bridge next to a trail that descends the cliff to its left. Till you come to a gateway, continue down this route. Pass through it and continue down the corridors until you come to a room with a slender light beam passing through it. In the back of this space is the entrance to the Shattered Throne. Whenever you get lost, refer to this GIF.

Labyrinth in Part 1′

shattered throne map

You’ll require a map once you’re inside the blustery, colorless Ascendant Realm. Fortunately, I created one and it should work better than the MS Paint versions that are currently being used. The Shattered Throne’s first and most complicated area, the labyrinth, is covered by the map. The objective is to destroy all seven of the labyrinth’s temples in a predetermined order, as indicated by the symbols on our map. Every time, the sequence is different, thus understanding how the temples are connected is crucial. The lower, center temple, denoted by the “diving bird” sign, is where you’ll always begin and end.

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 The Hike (Destiny 2)

A straight road leads to the hole’s bottom. Till you reach another open area, continue on the trail. You should use anything with a long range to take out the Taken Vandals shooting at you from above. Nothing else is possible for you to accomplish. You can proceed in that direction. You’ll then encounter another miniboss at the top, this time in front of a big door. You’re aware of what to do.

 the Boundless Hunger, in Part 3

It’s time to take on the first boss in Shattered Throne. Massive Taken Ogre Vorgeth is guarded by four Wizards, each of whom has a separate army of adversaries. The objective of this encounter is to eliminate the bodyguards of Vorgeth’s Wizard. Four of the orbs you collect should go in the lamp in the arena. By lowering Vorgeth’s shield, you can DPS him. Let’s go over the fight because to get to that stage, precise timing and cover shooting are needed.

the moment your first fall occurs. To your left and to your right, two Mages will be blocking your path. Four Taken enemies stand watch over each Wizard. There are two Goblins and two Vandals present. Dealing with those who can activate the cover should come first. Use the turrets to the right of the starting point to defend yourself from Vorgeth and the Mage on the right. The Wizard to your left needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Don’t be hesitant to make a significant effort.

Dul Incaru, in Part 4

shattered throne map

The remaining route is lengthy yet straightforward. Numerous opponents must be avoided, in addition to some dangerous jumps using wall-mounted bloopers. Although they’ll knock you down, it won’t be a fancy or intricate maneuver. Again, just keep climbing and pursuing the bad people. You’ll eventually reach a little temple complex. The final boss on the Shattered Throne Map is called Dul Incaru, The Eternal Return. Let’s discuss the specifics since she is both a totally different fighter and less challenging than Vorgeth.

Three Taken Champions, or strong knights, guard Dul Incaru. You’ll need the orbs that these Champions drop when they die to DPS Dul Incaru. since these orbs only provide a brief benefit. Attempt to simultaneously eliminate all three Champions, then seize their orbs. If you put off eliminating the Champions for too long. In the rear of the room, Dul Incaru will conjure a crystal that will provide them immunity. If this happens, use a shotgun to quickly destroy the crystal, then head back to the Champions. Also appearing during the conflict will be captured Psions. If you ignore them, they’ll grow, so get rid of them right away.

Once you get all three orbs—at least two are preferred, but three are best—start harming Dul Incaru. Utilize the same tools and powers you did for Vorgeth. You will undoubtedly light her up regardless of the strategy you choose because this fight has a significant bonus. For instance, Whisper of the Worm uses three orbs to do one million damage to the head. So, she’ll probably pass away after one DPS cycle.

If everything goes as planned, Dul should pass away shortly after you take the last orb. Voila! Broken Throne is down. Now attempt it alone. Try it solo after that without dying. The techniques in this manual will be effective for both teams and lone players, so good luck.

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The Shattered Throne Map and Dungeon Guide is shown here. Readers can practice and refer to it. and discover a respectable course for the game. Despite the fact that it is really difficult and unclear. However, you will have an excellent chance of winning this game if you pay attention to the instructions.

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