Shaman King Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Shaman King Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch
Shaman King Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

After his fight against Faust, Yoh realizes he needs to get stronger so that others around him don’t suffer because of him. He goes to his grandfather to train him. After excruciating training, Yoh enhances mana capacity and is now ready to fight Tao Ren.

Meanwhile, Manta comes back to Yoh because he can’t just leave his first real friend. Things are heating up in Shaman King as we wait for the next match between Yoh and Tao Ren. Shaman King Episode 9 will commence this fight.

Shaman King Episode 9

Shaman King is one of the most popular manga series published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The anime version of 2021 is the reboot of the 2002 version. It follows the story of Yoh, a seemingly lazy boy who decides to become a Shaman King.

In doing so, he overcomes many adversities and makes a lot of friends along the way.

Shaman King Episode 9 Release Date

The next Shaman King Episode 9 release date is scheduled for 27th May 2021. The episode’s title is “Yoh vs Ren again,” and it will possibly cover the fight between the two. Here is the timing of the release for the episode in various countries.

  • Japan – 5:55 PM, May 27th
  • USA/Canada – 5:00 AM, May 27th
  • India – 2:30 PM, May 27th
  • UK – 10:00 AM, May 27th
  • Europe (CEST) – 11:00 AM, May 27th

Where to Watch Shaman King Episode 9?

As of now, only Netflix Japan is streaming episodes of Shaman King 2021. If you have a Netflix account, you can stream the next episode of anime in English subs.

What are Spoilers from Shaman King Episode 9?

The next episode of Shaman King will adapt chapter 54 and onwards from the manga. Find below the spoilers from the forthcoming release.

Tao Ren’s Officiant

Silva, along with another officiant, is taking a break in a house where they are drenched in sweat because of heat. Suddenly their TV starts and their chief gives them some instructions. She asks Silva to become Ren’s Officiant because he doesn’t have anyone assigned to him.

Silva shows no hesitation in hinting at refusal because Ren was responsible for killing Chrom. However chief convinces him, and now he has to accompany Ren to a match against Yoh.

Yoh vs Ren Begins

Yoh vs. Ren Begins!

After getting all his gear, including newly acquired Harusame, Yoh prepares to depart for the next bout. He arrives at the location, and Manta feels the tension in the air. Tao Ren makes his arrival and says he isn’t going to underestimate Yoh for this time. The countdown comes close as both prepare for the fight.

Quick Recap of Shaman King Episode 8

After excruciating training, Yoh returned from seven days empty stomach and ready to face the next opponent. Here’s a quick recap of the latest release of Shaman King.

Yoh’s Resolution

Yoh informs Manta that they can no longer be friends and he should leave with his parents. A heartbroken Manta departs to the airport; however, he has a change of heart. He decides to go back to Yoh but forgets his wallet on the way. He meets Ryu, who’s also going to America to become a chef.

Yoh’s Resolution

Meanwhile, Yoh visits his grandfather and asks him to train him to increase the mana capacity. He suggests going to the netherworld for seven days without eating anything. Yoh decides to take a slumber in the cave and trains for seven consecutive days.

Tamao, who loves Yoh, decides not to allow any external interference while Yoh trains.

On to Next Fight

Anna disrupts the fight between Manta and Tamao. Yoh finally comes out of 7-day training and meets Manta and others. After a short distancing, Yoh and Manta meet again. His grandfather asks him to show the results of his training, and he receives Harusame.

Who will be the winner in the next match between Yoh and Tao Ren? How strong have both of them become in this period? Comment your thoughts down below. Make sure to follow us on social media for more Shaman King updates.

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