Shakira Writes Mental Essay Concerning The Countless Children Separated From Their Families in The Mexico Border!

The songstress cares a great deal about this problem and therefore, she chose to work with her voice and influence to bring more consciousness of it! That having been said, Shakira composed an extremely psychological article for Time magazine, about the countless children separated from their parents in the Mexico border and that are not yet been reunited together months afterwards!

Clearly, as an immigrant himself, and also as a mom of 2 sons, Shakira believes for all those involved in this scenario on an individual level!

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Within her co-op, the celebrity mentioned that she’s also quite sad to realize that such barbaric things occur in the so called’land of the free’

‘How can a country built on the back of immigrants, a person which purports to maintain family values in this high esteem, have these unimaginably cruel legislation policies? What motive could warrant separating children from their own families, without the intention of reuniting themwhen the U.S. has prided itself on being a beacon of hope for people who come in areas where not even basic requirements or security are a promise?’ she asks.

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She proceeded to discuss this 545 children still trapped in America independently, risking to develop without their own families since the present government was not able to keep tabs on both adults.

This indicates is they don’t possess the parents’ contact details in order that they can’t locate them to reunite the children.

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‘545 kids who need to go to sleep without anyone to assure them they are not at risk at any given time, 545 kids who can not kiss, laugh or have some contact with those they love ,’ Shakira pointed out on her article prior to mentioning it makes her feel for her youngest, who’s five,’the way he yells for me personally if he traces his kneeand the pain that I feel when I’m not there to comfort him. Who answers the shouts of their kids left without their parents’

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be sure to check out Shakira’s psychological co-op for Time in its entirety!


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