Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s love story: Did you know the couple has had not one but three marriages?

Well, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have gotten married not just once but thrice, and on three different occasions. Watch this video to check out what we are talking about.

Love stories aren’t always easy, but some love stories are meant to happen and so, there is very little that anyone can do to change what is destined to happen. While on one hand, there are people who believe in arranged marriages, on the other, there are people who win over someone they love, with their love. Bollywood bears testimony to so many dramatic love stories, those that one can never get enough of, but at the same time, there is so much that it also makes us all believe in. And when we talk about Bollywood, love stories, the King of romance, Shah Rukh Khan is who comes to our mind, and for all the right reasons.

Even though Shah Rukh’s debut in Bollywood happened to be with a film that saw him in a villainous role, gradually, he managed to garner for himself, a fan following that continues to love him for how he has made love look so effortless with his films. Even after all these years of being a part of the entertainment industry, SRK is what rightly seems to define love and have is gushing over him every time he takes to the screens. And well, just how his romance on screen hasn’t died off in all this while, he continues to give out major couple goals with his wife Gauri Khan as well, and have witnessed the same on multiple occasions when they have stepped out together. 

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It was rather recently that the two were attending an event together and Shah Rukh held on to Gauri’s train, ensuring that she was comfortable while walking, and taking care of her as they walked together. Shah Rukh and Gauri are indeed the kind of couple that makes everyone want to fall in love if nothing else, and why won’t someone want it? They aren’t just a pretty couple who makes sure they are ultra-sweet all the time, but in fact, they are one of those couples that make us go in the knees every time they step out together.

And while the two of them continue to have all our love even after they have three kids together, namely, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, and AbRam Khan, they still are this lovey dovey couple who is capable of giving anyone a run for their money if they were to come together. And while one cannot stop praising the two enough for how they are, their love story does make this journey of theirs all the more special, right from how they met to how they eventually got married, it is all that can be called a fairytale but with its own ups and downs, because that is what a real love story is all about, isn’t it?

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For those who might not know very well, Shah Rukh and Gauri had met back when they were 19 and 13 respectively, and ever since, the former has liked the latter. The fondness for each other did not take a lot of time to turn into love, but well, given the fact that they both belong to a different religion altogether, there happened to be a set of problems that they had to face with, but if one might know, Shah Rukh actually went for about 5 years without telling Gauri’s parents about his religion.

Eventually, the two did get married, and not just once, they got married thrice, each one of them in a different style. Shah Rukh and Gauri first got married at a court, given how they did not get into trouble with the legal aspects, or their parents are concerned, and later on, on August 26, 1991, the two had a ‘nikah’ until they also got wedded following the Hindu traditions on October 25, 1991, and that is the day they celebrate their marriage anniversary after all.

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In all these years of the two being together, they have, in fact, set out major goals and raised the bar for all things that people expect. But well, now that they have been together for almost 29 long years and are about to finish 3 decades of togetherness, we’d all love to get a little insight into how they have been keeping up during this time of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Check out Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s marriage story right here:

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