Sexual Tension Between Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston? Matthew McConaughey Offers His Ideas!

Matthew McConaughey is a writer today, so that he knows a fantastic story when he sees you. And what greater narrative is there compared to Ballad of all Brad and Jen?

The Interstellar celebrity has been around the voucher circuit to get his newest memoir Greenlights, and he has been falling a variety of bombshells. Through an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, he discovered himself in the hot seat around two of the current co-stars.

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An enthusiast asked if the celebrity could feel the sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston through a current table of Fast Times at Ridgemont High they engaged in with a few of different A-listers. McConaughey chuckled in the query, joking:

“Can I believe the warmth through the display of Brad? So real. Yeah, it was palpable.”

Then he explained:

“Yeah, no more. I discovered that later, that a great deal of the subjects were about this, or about these. No, I really didn’t detect anything through the display, however, made for a fantastic topic the following moment.”

The previously married pair shared a steamy scene in which Brad’s personality (hilariously also called Brad) envisioned Jen’s personality Linda coming to him (“Hi Brad… I believe you are so hot”). They needed to guess that the Web could have a LOT to say about this specific reunion, however, also a source told Us Weekly they “themselves.” The insider shared:

“It was used to bug them everyone pulls them to reunite, but they also laugh it away. The fact is that they have one another’s backs. They always bounce ideas off one another and share happy information whenever they have it. They’ve this kind of natural, simple energy ”

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Matthew weighed on the following Quick Times functionality through WWHL: Shia LaBeouf‘s. Even the Disney alum went quite method for its component, going so far as to hotbox his automobile when enjoying stoner Jeff Spicoli. McConaughey stated:

“Shia, that I am a lover of as a celebrity quite a little, yeah, he sort of outdid all. His collection was at the car — that I did not find the final edited version. I am pretty certain there was lots of things cut out, since he had been so in character that occasionally I am not positive if he knew where the script was as it was his first lineup. That was a part of the genius of exactly what he did”

Well, we have begun to expect honesty from McConaughey, so that certainly monitors. And we must agree… that a Brad and Jen reunion will consistently result in a great topic!

Ch-ch-check his WWHL look (under ):

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