Settlers (2021) Ending Explained – Did Remmy Leave The Settlement?

Settlers (2021) Ending Explained – Did Remmy Leave The Settlement?
Settlers (2021) Ending Explained – Did Remmy Leave The Settlement?

Directed by Wyatt Rockefeller, Settlers is a British science-fiction thriller film. It stars Sofia Boutella in the lead role while Ismael Cruz Córdova, Brooklynn Prince, Nell Tiger Free, and Jonny Lee Miller act as supporting cast. With cinematography by Willie Nel, the film features an intricate plot that explores the conflict of stranded and isolated individuals.

The plot of the movie puts Remmy in a space settlement where she has no connection with the outside world. Albeit she has all resources necessary for survival, but she has no one to talk to except her parents’ murdered Jerry. Remmy used to live with her parents in the settlement, however, Jerry ruined it all by killing them.

Settlers deals with Remmy’s struggles and attempts as she tries to outwit Jerry and leave the place for good. The movie features a thrilling ending and if you didn’t catch it, we’re here for you. Let’s discuss Settlers ending explained.

Settlers (2021) Ending Explained

Settlers (2021) Plot

A family of parents Ilsa and Reza along with their daughter Remmy live in a space settlement. Their lives comprise of being in the isolated bunker and surviving with available resources. Remmy has a dream of leaving the settlement and discovering the outside world, however, her parents are strictly against it.

One day, the parents discover a message asking them to leave the settlement. Turns out, a group of three bandits attack them to snatch their place of living. Reza, being a father takes his weapon and chases after bandits. However, he dies and days later one of the bandits named Jerry returns to greet the duo of daughter and mother.

Why Jerry Wanted The Settlement?

Originally, the settlement was owned by Jerry’s father. He accuses the family of killing his mother. But Ilsa explains the whole scenario to him. The family belonged to Earth and they crashed to this settlement because of their vehicle failure.

While Jerry’s father took them in initially, later on, he became hostile after discovering the family’s origin was Earth. Reza had no choice but to slit his throat to ensure their survival.

Did Ilsa Accept Jerry?

Being a murderer of her husband, Ilsa wasn’t receptive to Jerry. However, she understood that they had to live together. Jerry tried to pursue Ilsa and his attempt seemed to work. Slowly, Ilsa began opening up to him, however, the moment didn’t last long as Jerry murdered Ilsa too.

Settlers (2021) Ending Explained – Did Remmy Leave The Settlement?

Settlers (2021) Ending Explained – Did Remmy Leave The Settlement?

After the death of Ilsa, Remmy became unattended towards Jerry. Years went by but there was no progression between the two. However, Jerry wasn’t aware of the fact that Remmy was planning her escape. She discovered that she needed oxygen masks to leave this place.

Jerry discovered this plan of hers and destroyed all oxygen masks except one that Remmy had hidden in the secret place. He also forced himself upon Remmy to make a child and ensure that their race continues. However, thanks to Remmy’s beloved robot, Jerry died and Remmy was able to leave the place for good. She went on to explore the rest of the planet in the hopes of finding civilization and meet new people.

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