Sergio Ramos set to extend his Real Madrid contract

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

News from La Liga as El Capitano Sergio Ramos set to compromise with Perez’s offer and extend his contract with Real Madrid for another year.

The Spanish and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos will become a free agent at the end of this month. Although he clearly had the chance to sign a pre contract with any club he preferred.

But he didn’t sign any deal with any club as of now, and report suggests that he will continue at Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos is set to compromise his demands and sign an extension for another year at Bernabeu.

Sergio Ramos received several offers from top clubs

The 34 years old defender received several offers from Man United, Man City. Juventus, PSG and his former club Sevilla.

But the player hasn’t decided anything yet. Ramos’s close sources claimed that he refused to sign the Real Madrid extension as it didn’t meet his demands. And he waited to receive better offers from other clubs.

Sergio Ramos did receive offers but seems reluctant to sign any deal, as he thinks that he still has time. And several fans claims that Ramos is actually waiting for Real Madrid to improve their offer.

Possible reunion with Ronaldo at MLS Club

Sergio Ramos had a chance to sign for Juventus, but as his dear friend Cristiano Ronaldo will leave the club next season. Hence, he didn’t want to sign for a foreign club and feel the absence of home.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos might plan to reunite at an MLS Club in 2022 after spending another season at their present club.