Sergio Ramos clears out his situation with Sevilla


News from La Liga as Real Madrid and former Spain Captain Sergio Ramos admits he’s a Sevilla player even after a long 16 years Madrid career.

‘El Capitano’ Sergio Ramos will become a free agent at the end of this month, officially. Although he has received several offers from top clubs across Europe, Sergio Ramos didn’t decide anything yet.

After a 16 years career at Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has mentally prepared himself to leave the club; for any destination where he feels comfortable playing as the defensive leader.

Sevilla offers Ramos a chance to make a Homecoming

Sergio Ramos graduated from Sevilla academy in 2003 and played in their senior team for two years. Now amid the dilemma of Ramos’ future, Sevilla keeps their door wide open to make a return to the club.

Number of reports emerged that former Spain Captain Sergio Ramos has a very negative impression in his hometown.

Even Sergio Ramos admits that he felt a hostile situation in every visit at his hometown, ever since he left for Real Madrid. Ramos feels that he didn’t answer Sevilla fans about his sudden transfer to Madrid back in 2005.

Sergio Ramos wants to clear himself of all negativity

The Real Madrid Captain felt the pride of introducing himself as Real Madrid and Spanish Captain. He admits that he has never doubted his transfer.

But he also admits that he’ll certainly remain as Sevilla player as well, because he spent his entire childhood in the club. Hence, he might decide to return to his hometown to end his career at Sevilla.