Sergei Bobrovsky Weight Loss: The Astonishing Weight Loss Story!

sergei bobrovsky weight loss

Sergei Andreyevich Bobrovsky is a Russian professional goaltender for the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers. Additionally, he has played in the NHL for the Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets, with whom he became one of the league’s best goaltenders.

Sergei Bobrovsky Weight Loss

sergei bobrovsky weight loss

Sergei Bobrovsky of the Florida Panthers brought up the topic of weight reduction during a game after his team’s series-clinching win in game five against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It should come as no surprise that goaltenders are a different breed than the rest of the players on a hockey team.

The Maple Leafs attempted fifty-two attempts at Bobrovsky, fifty of which were saved. Bobrovsky mentioned how much weight he typically loses during a game, and the number is quite astounding, despite how remarkable that statistic is. Typically, the Russian goaltender loses approximately fifteen pounds of water weight per game; however, during game five, he revealed that he lost at least twenty pounds.

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The majority of hockey players treat their bodies as if they were temples, and it’s no secret that each has a routine leading up to puck drop to ensure they’re in peak condition for sixty minutes of play. However, it’s almost incomprehensible the lengths they must go through day in and day out during the grind of a season that could easily reach 130 games.

Whatever he’s doing, the Panthers have won six consecutive games before the Maple Leafs squeaked out a victory in game four, and Bobrovsky will carry them as far as he can.

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