SEO 2020: Long tail keywords for fast ranking

Impact of Long tail keywords in SEO 2020

Search Engine Optimization is going difficult and difficult after every Google Search Engine algorithm update but it makes more relief for real and genuine SEO. The only reason is it removes a black hat or spammy ranked website from Search results and gives a chance to genuine results.

If you’ve started a fresh website and planning to get it ranked in Google Search then focusing on Long tail keywords is best practice for you.

What are long tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords generally have 3 to 5 words in it. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you’re having a app information and downloads website and there you are planning to rank “UC Browser” keyword in Google search.
But this is a huge keyword and pretty much tough to rank.
Here we need to make a strategy and work accordingly. First, we need to create or write a genuine piece of article with more than 1500 words about UC Browser which covers all its features, usage, reviews, questions, latest versions, older versions, etc.

Now in the second part of this strategy, we have to create long tail keyword articles and publish them in the website.

Long-tail keywords here are like, “UC Browser for Android, UC Browser for IOS, UC Browser latest version” etc etc. Now you have to write meaning full content on these long keywords and publish them in the website. Also, don’t forget to put a link to your main article inside it.

How Long tail keywords are easy to rank?

Long tail keywords are not always easy to rank but we have to find such long keywords which have less traffic and less competition. This research work will help alot in ranking such long keywords.

If you write 10 articles on long keywords group after proper research on competition then you can assume that your 7-8 article will get first or second-page rank easily. This also depends on your article’s quality.

You can see the difference between long and short keywords for competition and traffic points. [See below image]

As your long keyword article get indexed and start getting traffic. Then the authority passes through the internal link to your main article page and boost the search ranking.

After that backlinks will come into action and boost the ranking from 2-3 pages to top positions.

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