Sell Your RV in Style: Creative Ideas for Marketing Your Old Ride

Sell Your RV in Style: Creative Ideas for Marketing Your Old Ride

Your old motorhome could be cash in your pocket, but before you decide to sell it, you need to have a solid plan. When you decide to sell your motorhome, you have many options that include private sales, selling it to a dealer, or selling it to a junk RV dealer. Many sell their motorhome successfully with a private sale by following a few tips.

Options for Selling Your Camper

Two of the most popular options for selling your camper include selling it to a dealer as a trade-in or a private sale. Selling it to a dealer is quick and easy, and this option is especially good if you are going to buy your next rig and use the money as a down payment. Private sales mean you have to do all the work, but you can get a better price with the right marketing strategy.

Things to Do Before You Begin

Before you begin the process of selling your RV, you need to know how much it is worth. A good place to start is a site like J.D. Powers or the NADA. It will give you a base price, but you need to do a little looking around for comparable prices in your area. You also need to look at your rig from a customer’s perspective and ask yourself about its condition.

Creative Ways to Market Your Motorhome

Once you have found a fair price for your RV, it is time to start advertising it. You could always list it in the classified ads or on a site like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. In addition, you can try the following tips for selling your rig.

  • Try an RV-specific website,
  • Pull it to your front yard with a sign in the window,
  • Let people in the campground know it is for sale,
  • Post it on your social media pages,
  • List in RV magazines and on travel blogs,

Tips for Success

Regardless of how you market your RV, you need to follow a few tips for the best results. One of the most important is to have good pictures of your rig and plenty of them. A good idea is to take your rig out and park it in a natural setting as if you were using it.

Another tip is to make sure you include a call to action in every listing. This is a tried and tested marketing technique. Even if you think it is obvious the rig is for sale, ask people to contact you if they are interested.

Finally, you should be honest. If your rig has any flaws, either major or minor, let people know about them in the ad. This will save time because only those who are not concerned about the problems will contact you. This also helps to guarantee a happy customer after the sale.

What If You Have Tried Everything?

If you have tried your best to sell your rig, and it is not working, then it might be time to change your strategy. Selling an older rig that is in poor condition can be challenging because people do not want to put the time and effort into fixing them. Some dealerships will not take a motorhome that is over a certain age, mileage, or in a certain condition. This can leave you feeling like you have few options.

Bottom Line

It is good to know that you can still get cash for your rig by calling a junk RV dealer who specializes in selling RVs for parts. Junk RV dealers will often give you cash the same day, even if your motorhome is older or has seen better days. This is an excellent option for selling your RV fast so you can upgrade your rig or use the money for another purpose.

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