Watch the first trailer for Michael Bay's pandemic movie 'Songbird'

See the first trailer for Michael Bay’s pandemic film’Songbird’

The trailer for Michael Bay’s forthcoming teaser movie Songbird was published.

Starring Demi Moore, Craig Robinson and Paul Walter Hauser, the most recent project in the Transformers¬†manufacturer was granted the green light in July after originally being struck by a”don’t work” arrangement.

The picture’s very first preview, that has been released today (October 29)that finds its personalities residing in the 213th week of lockdown on account of this coronavirus.

“COVID-23 has mutated,” an information presenter declares before it has shown that the new strain of this virus”strikes the brain tissue”.

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Since the global death toll climbs to greater than 110million, we now see that an army patrolling the roads where contaminated Americans are being pressured into quarantine camps. “You should not try to leave your house,” a voiceover warns,”or else you’ll be shot on sight”.

The three-minute clip is soundtracked from Bob Marley’s’Three Little Birds’.

Songbird, that can be put in 2024, centers around a few that are being kept aside from the constraints set up to curtail the’ virus’ spread. “It is Romeo and Juliet, but they are split by her door and from the virus,” director Adam Mason told Entertainment Weekly.

“it is a mysterious, frightening world, but it is a romantic film about two individuals who are interested in being together, however, they can not.”

Talking of directing the movie while adhering to COVID safety steps, Mason clarified:”I do the light and the camera job [one previous projects]. So, I am utilised to being quite near the filming and actors this very romantic manner that was perfectly appropriate to filming through the principles and rules of the lockdown.

“I found it amazingly liberating since everyone was so pleased to participate.”

A launch date for Songbird hasn’t yet been verified.

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