See Leslie Odom Jr..

Perform”Wait For It” Out Of Hamilton

Watch Leslie Odom Jr. Perform "Wait For It" From Hamilton

About Broadway, Leslie Odom Jr. will provide a persuasive rendition of Hamilton‘s”Wait For It” on stage night after night. Since Aaron Burr, he voiced the need to proceed carefully and withstand risk. Back in 2020, nevertheless, Odom’s operation of this song holds an identical message using another aim. Ahead of Election Day, Odom employs the effective monitor to deliver a crucial message: that the election outcome will be not worth waiting for.

You notice, Donald Trump is making movements to sabotage the democratic process by casting doubt on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and threatening to pursue legal actions against the consequences, possibly earlier votes are fully counted. This dialog stokes fear, however, individuals such as Odom continue to drive for a fair and just result, regardless of the president’s promises.

“Each American who voted warrants to get their voice heard,” Odom explained from the Nov. 2 clip. “In this historical election, a huge number of you have sent your ballots or dropped off them — and most of us deserve to be counted.” Because of this,”Wait For This” is the best soundtrack for an otherwise tumultuous moment. We can and ought to wait to learn who’ll lead the nation for another four decades. Let Odom clarify why in the movie above.

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