See brand new trailer for Channel 4 The Bridge fact show

See new trailer for Channel 4's The Bridge reality series

Channel 4 has launched a new teaser trailer for approaching reality TV contest, The Bridge, that pits 12 strangers who have to construct a bridge from the mainland to an island where a Number 100,000 decoration is situated.

The contestants may possess 20 times to try to build the bridge, and will also need to demonstrate teamwork so as to conquer a variety of unexpected twists throughout the battle.

And there is a life-changing trophy at stake if they’re in a position to finish the challenge, together with the participants every voting for who they believe is most deserving as well as the winner picking whether to divide the marijuana or keep it for themselves.

The island seems a very long way from wherever the team stand and yet another contestant sighs throughout the preview:”It is undoubtedly a bridge over troubled water.”

The Bridge is going to be narrated by The Dark Materials and X-Men: First Class celebrity James McAvoy, that intones throughout the trailer:”Somewhere at the British wilderness would be a island and Number 100,000… May 12 strangers work together to create a bridge into this currency? If they could get to the money, just one will maintain it. So who’s a team player and who’s out for themselves?”

A contestant states, Golum-like, throughout the trailer:”Now I have it in my hands I do not understand I could let it go”

The Bridge is going to be contested with a varied group, such as TV chat show host Trisha Goddard’s daughter Billie, in addition to a dancer and acrobat, Zac, that presently acts as a stripper to get Dreamboys and throw board endurance athlete, Sarah, that is not scared to take control and does not have a issue with placing alpha men in their location.

The show is loosely based on a Spanish fact show which has run as 2017.  After the series was declared, Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment in Channel 4 stated,”That is such a thrilling original fact commission for me personally and also the Channel 4 entertainment section.

“The colorful Workerbee have awakened the amusing twists, humor and drama audiences associate classic Channel 4 facts, contrary to what are thought of a traditionally more factual background.”

The Bridge may broadcast on Channel 4 later this season.

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