Season 2 Arcane: Released Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know so Far

season 2 arcane

“The folks we decided to work within many cases were not quite as big at the time as they ended up being,” Yee told One Esports.

“It was amazing to see a lot of the talent we choose to work with over the years crop up in a variety of media and projects,” Linke added.

Ella Purnell, who recently wowed audiences in Y&R, was another gem.

Jinx is voiced by – “In the game, we all know who she is,” Yee remarked. “But we really wanted to give her this other layer, to see this nuance and actual human beneath Jinx’s huge, brilliant, flashy façade, and I think Ella did a fantastic job with that.”

So, what’s in store for the series, and who will make a return? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far.

What Happened in The First Season of Arcane?

season 2 arcane

Arcane is a story about two cities: Piltover, a prosperous utopia, and Zaun, a poisoned, dirty undercity. The two cities, separated by the River Pilt and connected only by bridges, fight often as the Zaunites struggle to make ends meet while the rich Piltover people, led by Councilor Mel Medarda, focus their energies on innovation. Enter Vi (Hailee Steinfield) and Powder (Ella Purnell), two sisters whose parents were slain by the Piltover Police during a riot and taken in by Vander, a nice, burly boxer barkeep.

When Vander is kidnapped by the Zaunite criminal lord Silco, an ill-fated rescue effort sees a young Powder mistakenly kill Vander and two of her companions while attempting to aid. For years, this divides the sisters and leads them down quite divergent paths. The powder becomes a daughter figure for Silco and adopts the moniker ‘Jinx’ as her deeds mentally disfigure her. Vi makes an unexpected alliance with Caitlyn (Katie Leung), a member of the Piltover police, and all the while, a young inventor named Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) is establishing a name for himself in politics and the deadly skill of fusing magic and technology.

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Release Date for Arcane Season 2

season 2 arcane

Arcane, a League of Legends animated series, premiered on Netflix in early November and remained at the top for three weeks, hitting the top 10 in over 52 countries and earning a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes critics score.

Fans are excited to see how the origin tales of characters from League of Legends’ popular MOBA game be extended in future episodes, as well as how other known characters may be featured.

Here’s all you need to know about Arcane Season 2, and we’ll keep you informed as new details emerge.

The cast of Arcane Season 2

season 2 arcane

Much of the key cast from the first season is expected to return for the sequel, including:

  • Vi is played by Hailee Steinfeld.
  • Powder/Jinx is played by Ella Purnell.
  • Young Powder (Mia Sinclair Jenness)
  • Jayce Talis is played by Kevin Alejandro.
  • Caitlyn Kiramman is played by Katie Leung.
  • Young Caitlyn played by Molly Harris
  • Viktor is played by Harry Lloyd.
  • Mel Medarda is played by Toks Olagundoye.
  • Vander and Bolbok are played by JB Blanc.
  • Ekko is played by Reed Shannon.
  • Young Ekko is played by Miles Brown.

Jason Spisak’s involvement is less definite, given that his character Silco was killed off in the first season’s end – though flashbacks are always possible.

In addition, a teaser from Arcane’s social media team has fans wondering if, in addition to the old people, the second season will introduce any new characters.

What Will happen in The Second Season of Arcane?

Season one’s closing episode was undoubtedly dramatic, leaving several narrative strands to be explored in season two.

Because Silco was assassinated, Zaun is without a leader, and it’s unclear who could take his place. Vi, as the adoptive daughter of Zaun’s late leader, Vander, may have to step up because potential contender Jinx is out of control.

Meanwhile, Jinx wreaked havoc at the end of the episode by pointing a rocket launcher at the Council building, just as those inside were voting to enact legislation granting Zaun independence. Her rage might spark a war between Piltover and Zaun, and it’s unclear if any survivors of the explosion will be able to prove that the vote for independence was successful.

Jinx isn’t going to be reunited with her sister Vi anytime soon, either. Vi tried to mend her connection with Jinx, but seeing your sibling shoot a rocket into a crowded building may be difficult to overcome.

season 2 arcane

Reed Shannon (via CBR) has some narrative ideas for future seasons.

“Ekko and Mel interacting would be fantastic. That’d be insane… One aspect of Arcane that piqued my curiosity was that despite the disparity in wealth, and the disparity between the top city and the Undercity, race is never acknowledged between the characters.

“So I’m curious to watch how individuals that look alike connect. Is there anything like that, or is everyone simply there? I’d also like to watch them communicate because Ekko is so clever, and she would say something like, ‘Oh, you might be utilized…’ We could take you back to Noxus and let you construct anything you want.’ That would be rather fascinating.”

It most definitely would. Shannon could even get to watch his dreams come true on the big screen.

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Linke Told Superpixel, “We Want to Convey More Tales.”

. “Whether it’s a TV program or a movie, there will be more topics we want to look into. We didn’t indicate from the start that we wanted it to be a TV program or whatever, comparable to Arcane. We just said, “OK, we like these characters.” This is the tale we’re going to tell.’

“Then we realized that we needed the length of a TV program to get as deep as we wanted to – Vi and Jinx, Victor and Jayce, and so on. However, there may be a plot that is told in a cinematic style at some time. When I truly get into this, I believe we have big ambitions to tell a lot more tales. Yes, I believe there will be.”