Seagate One Touch SSD (1TB) Overview

Seagate One Touch SSD (1TB) Review

Seagate understands that customer interest in mobile SSDs is increasing, and thus its own portfolio has also enlarged. We now have with us review now the brand new Seagate One Touch SSD, that can be relatively inexpensive and very stylish. It is positioned as a technology lifestyle apparatus, and goals people who do not necessarily require the greatest possible rate but are searching for something greater than a normal portable hard disk.

For anybody who has not attempted an SSD earlier, the differences when compared with a hard disk will probably be surprising and crude. They are possibly multiple times quicker than hard drives, however considerably thicker, smaller, easier to transport, and much more dependable. A lot of folks are delighted to invest decent money for all these benefits.

Having a rising amount of choices on the marketplace, will the Seagate One Touch SSD emerge since the one to purchase? Keep reading to discover.

Seagate One Touch SSD (1TB) layout and attributes

Seagate is focusing on layout with this version. The business has gone to get a credit-card contour, even although despite promises this apparatus can be slid into a pocket, it is too thick for this. In reality, this driveway is nearly the exact identical dimensions since the very popular Samsung SSD T5, although quite different in layout.

There is a distinctive textured cloth panel around top, and a fabric tab using all the Seagate logo on both sides. The 1TB version of the SSD can be found only in black and white, but should you pick that the 500GB variant, you will find specific editions using blue, black, green, black, red, or gray camouflage prints. Added artist variations to the two capabilities are displayed on Seagate’s US site though these do not seem to be available , and there is the chance of designs coming out later on.

To get a system that is positioned as contemporary and stylish, we are very surprised to find a classic Micro-USB 3.0 interface on the trunk, such as many external hard drives use. This is not as easy as a USB Type-C Port, which we would expect in an SSD. Seagate also does not incorporate a Type-C cable or jack, therefore people that have glossy Type-C-only laptops need to get an adapter of the very own.

Seagate travelled together with the older Micro-USB 3.0 standard instead of USB Type-C


The included USB cable is brief 20cm although braided. In case this was intended to rival the cloth on the SSD itself, Seagate might have gone with a fitting white or gray.  The base of the device is textured so that it does not slip easily, and the sides will be curved so it’s possible to take this apparatus about in a pocket with no distress. In addition, it is rather light at only 59g.

Seagate’s most important drive for this SSD version, and in which it’s its’One Touch’ title out of, is its own”constant automobile backup” performance. The business claims’Sync Plus’ program is freely downloadable to its own site, although we could not locate it easily — even an installer or Internet shortcut onto the drive itself could have been useful. It ends up that we had to locate and then get Seagate Toolkit, that Sync Plus is part of.

Users must note there is a large difference between file sharing and file copies. The Sync Plus work, as its name implies, retains copies of those documents or folders that you pick synchronised into a folder to the 1 Touch SSD. This usually means all record changes, such as deletions, are mirrored instantly so information is not backed up at the truest sense — you can not recover old versions of documents, as an example.

But, the application will not move deleted files into a’Archive’ folder rather than instantly mirroring that the deletion, which means that you may potentially recover from several frequent accidents or errors that cause data loss. The mirror can also be secure although the drive is searchable, and you’re able to select between two-way and one-way syncing, meaning your original documents are not replaced with ones out of the mirror.

Seagate also throws into a yearlong subscription to Mylio Produce, an internet picture storage and management instrument. You receive hold of four computers and infinite mobile apparatus, using a cap in 50,000 pictures ) Seagate claims that this really is worth 50 (roughly Rs. 3,575) and it’ll cost exactly the identical sum to renew your accounts for a year afterwards. 1 Twist SSD buyers may also get two weeks of Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photography Plan (which comprises just Lightroom and Photoshop) at no cost.

Seagate’s Sync Plus applications feature enables you to specify mirroring patterns with particular folders or files


Seagate Just One Touch SSD (1TB) specifications and functionality

What’s for a SSD is rate, along with the Seagate One Touch SSD is ranked for data transfers up to 400MBps, that pertains to successive rates. The business hasn’t published any additional particulars regarding the drive’s functionality. The guarantee period is three decades.

Our 1TB device has been organised with the ExFAT file program with 931. 51GB of useable space. You will have to reformat or partition if you wish to utilize Time Machine for copies onto a Mac. We’d have enjoyed software or hardware encryption, but this is not a native attribute.

We conducted our tests with our normal test seat, built from an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, also a Gigabyte Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Wifi Processor, 2x8GB of G.skill DDR4 RAM, a 1TB Samsung SSD 860 Evo boot controller plus a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 graphics card, along with a Corsair RM650 electricity source.

CrystalDiskMark really showed us a dent which exceeded Seagate’s 400MBps maintain by a reasonable margin. The successive read and write rates were measured at 439.7MBps and 309.9MBps respectively. Obviously this signifies best-case situation usage requirements. A more precise stat to think about is that a driveway’s random read and write rates, which have been 136.6MBps and 21. 94MBps respectively.

That is really pretty excellent functionality, beating a number of those priciest mobile SSDs we have seen lately, like the WD My Passport Proceed and Adata SD600Q. Do remember that these characters may not be the exact same for your own 500GB variation.

The Anvil functionality grade reported read and compose dozens of 1,218. 89 and 453. 46 respectively, for a total of 1,672. 36. This matches exactly the identical routine, with functionality considerably more powerful in regards to reads than writes.

The Seagate One Touch SSD provides convenience and style



Certainly, we enjoy the Seagate One Touch SSD. It is quite mobile and looks great, and functionality is rather strong also. But, we actually can not understand the choice to not utilize USB Type-C. It appears like Seagate is targeting native consumers that may just about be prepared to update out of a spinning hard disk, which can be at odds with the differently superior placement.

The Samsung SSD T5 continues to be better in terms of absolute performance, and Seagate also provides its very own speedy SSD version if that is your priority. Both options utilize USB Type-C and include Type-A in addition to Type-C cables. Additionally they are not a lot more costly.

The Seagate One Touch SSD is now priced fairly well, particularly the 1TB version that sells online to under Rs. 10,000 (though costs appear to change a lot). There is also a marginally lower priced version known as the Seagate Expansion SSD that doesn’t possess the cloth layout touches or software package, but is graded to exactly the same 400MBps rate.

Cost (MOP): Rs. Rs. 6,799 (500GB); Rs. 9,350 (1TB)


Useful software package packed and stylish Excellent functionality


Micro-USB plug and cable; no more Type-C adapter


Performance: 4 Value for Money: 4 Total: 4

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