Scott Disick Spotted With ANOTHER Young Model — Who Seems A Bit Much like Sofia Richie

scott disick and megan blake irwin spotted on date

Scott Disick is making the rounds! )

On Thursday afternoon, the father of three has been seen exiting the Kimpton La Peer Hotel at West Hollywood with Megan Blake Irwin, that bares a resemblance to Sofia Richie AND only got out of a relationship of its own!

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The Flip It Just Like Disick celebrity wore a short-sleeve button shirt with beige trousers and white sneaks, whereas the Aussie version stirred a teal gown, knee-high boots, and a black coat to your outing. View the pics HERE!

But that was not the first time that the two were seen together! Pre-Sofia, Disick and Irwin were seen together in NYC and Los Angeles jointly in 2016, however, it is uncertain how long that they had been visiting each other to get.

When you are probably aware, Scott lately went to supper with a different version, Bella Banos, that he had been also formerly connected to back 2017. After getting word concerning the trip using Banos, Richie unfollowed her ex on Instagram and Kourtney Kardashian.

However, as we said, Megan lately got from a relationship of her own! And it may even be a more bizarre scenario than Scott and Sofia’s! Even the 29-year old and Skeet Ulrich recently called it quits, and the Riverdale celebrity did NOT have the best things to say concerning his ex after everything had been done and said.

earlier that month, the 50-year old shared with a sultry selfie into the’g, which has been met with a few remarks from supporters about his split. 1 fan asked:

“Why did one and @meganblakeirwin split?

What The Craft star replied:

“since I discovered she is a prostitute”

Uhm, what?! Pretty daring thing to say about somebody… an ex!

Another user asked:”Omg, did he actually said”she is a prostitute”? ,” which prompted an alternative reaction from Skeet:

“I am the jerk? When somebody pretending to be something that they are not to their own profit? All while sleeping people for the money? Perhaps you want to appraise your personal morals”

Certainly, the version is doing her very best to place this connection along with the breakup supporting her, lately cozying around Demi Lovato‘s ex Luke Rockhold while around town in West Hollywood before her date night using the Talentless creator.

Who knows whether there is any real flicker , or whether it is only an eye catch aimed at Sofia and Skeet! Tell us your thoughts on everything (under ) from the remarks.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & Megan Blake Irwin/Instagram.]

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