Sarah Herron’s Premature Born Baby Took Last Breath in His ‘Dad’s Arms’

Sarah Herron's Premature Born Baby Took Last Breath in His 'Dad's Arms'

“Oliver, our IVF miracle surpassed so many expectations and battled through so many difficult milestones to get here, but the higher forces still had other plans for the three of us. The Bachelor alum added,” At 24 weeks pregnant, Sarah Herron gave birth to a boy who passed away soon after, leaving Sarah in despair.

The 36-year-old Bachelor alum announced the passing of her newborn child in a devastating post on Wednesday. She began the caption, “Our darling boy Oliver Brown was born on January 28th, at 24 weeks old. “Shortly after, he died in his father’s arms.”

Herron tweeted an emotional snapshot of herself cradling her child on her chest while her fiancé Dylan Brown kisses her forehead, his hand resting next to Herron’s.


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Unforgettable Moments from Her Pregnancy

Sarah Herron's Premature Born Baby Took Last Breath in His 'Dad's Arms'

Her collection of photos featured priceless scenes throughout her pregnancy, like going to the beach, swimming with sea turtles, and snuggling with her puppy. An image of Brown kissing Herron’s forehead while she sobs in a hospital bed concludes the piece.

“The kind of grief and suffering we are going through cannot be expressed in words. It’s both lovely and heartbreaking at the same time “She composed.

Herron remarked that Oliver had “my nose, his dad’s lips, and long fingers,” which were some of his nicest features. Oliver, our IVF miracle, overcame a lot of challenges and hurdles to get here, but Herron insisted that the higher forces still had other plans for the three of us.

Herron claimed that even though her pregnancy with Oliver was “brief,” she is “grateful” for the time they had together.

“He has imparted invaluable knowledge about the morality of life, love, and death. Oliver brought so much love, and most importantly, optimism, into our house and hearts “She composed. “Baby Oliver was born with a profound, significant purpose that transcends our comprehension thanks to the alignment of the stars. Although he had a modest physical frame, his legacy would always be greater than life.”

She mentioned a few of her favorite occasions that Oliver was present for and said, “Oliver adored his dad’s cooking, swam with sea turtles and kept me company as I healed from a damaged knee. Oliver really enjoyed talking to his brother Rio on my lap as part of their daily ritual.”

While our hearts are broken beyond words, we find consolation in the knowledge that our son’s spirit only knew love and will not suffer in a body that wasn’t designed for this existence, Herron continued.

Prior to signing the note “Mommy and Daddy,” Herron added,

“We’ll never comprehend the unfairness of it all, but Oliver is so brilliant even in the dark. Baby boy, you have our undying love. Nobody can ever take your place. You are amazing and flawless.”

She received support and affection from her Bachelor Nation family in the comments section.

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Sarah Herron Received Affection and Support From Her Family and People

Writing as Clare Crawley, “Oliver, you are very cherished. Sarah, you are the most incredible mother, and it has been just breathtaking to see how strong you have remained to fight so valiantly for your baby.”

Added Raven Gates, “Sarah, I’m very sorry. Even words can’t do it justice. I will pray for you both in the coming days. Oliver only experienced love, and he is love.”

“Sarah, I’m very sorry, I really am. What a horrible event for you, sweet mom; I wish I could give you a hug right now. I’m sending you both so much love and am now praying for you both “Catherine Giudici stated.

After an in-vitro fertilization process that lasted a year, Herron revealed her pregnancy in September.

She Was Very Happy to Be a Future Mother

At the time, she stated to PEOPLE, “Our most recent embryo transfer was successful, and we are overjoyed to announce that I am expecting a baby boy! We are still in the first trimester, but since I have been so transparent about my struggle with infertility with my community, it is vital to me that I maintain my faith.”


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“Dylan and I are cautiously hopeful despite the fact that we know the road ahead is difficult. We are really thankful to Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, our fertility specialist, for making this possible “She went on. “Three rounds of egg retrievals have been accomplished, and one embryo transfer resulted in a chemical pregnancy in 2021.”

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