Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?

Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?
Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?

One Piece chapter 1028 was something. It first revealed the intention of the world government with regards to Wano. Then we learner about CP0’s plan of kidnapping Nico Robin. But the most important reveal was related to Sanji’s Germa genes.

When Queen crush the cook’s body with his unusual snake form, Sanji managed to regain the original shape of his body and fixed his bones. Not only that but when Queen attacked him using a sword, it shattered. This begs a question, are Sanji’s Germa Genes awakening? Let’s find out

Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?
Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?

What Caused It?

Sanji mentioned multiple times that after wearing a raid suit for the second time, his body starting to react differently. He wasn’t sure at first in what way, however, now he knows that he possesses the same ability as his siblings.

The ability to regain the shape and size of his limbs is incredible. Like his siblings, he too was experimented on by Judge. However, because of his mother, he didn’t get those abilities. Years after that, now he too wields a similar power.

Sanji certainly doesn’t like it. He didn’t want to become a monster. Like he repelled Raid Suit earlier, he is showing dissent towards this new ability. But he too knows that he needs to use whatever he can to defeat Queen. Even if it makes him a monster.

What Effect did Raid Suit Have?

Raid Suit probably reacted with the injected genes in his body. Maybe Judge was wrong and Sanji indeed retained the genes of Germa. Though, they weren’t awakened at that point. But when his skin made contact with Raid Suit, his body began displaying superhuman abilities.

Raid Suit has made a stellar contribution to Sanji’s artillery. He uses it in many creative ways and we’ve seen examples of it recently. Queen has provoked him to use it again and we might see Sanji in black once again.

Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?
Sanji’s Germa Genes – Are They Awakening?

How Strong Will Sanji Become?

Sanji is already capable of using Observation Haki as well as Armament Haki. With the addition of Raid Suit, he became even stronger. And now with his recently awakened genes, there’s no stopping for the cook from North Blue.

Though, it’s still unknown to what extent does his body repairs the limbs. But from the looks of it, it seems like normal attacks don’t work on him. It must have some sort of limit, otherwise, Sanji may become invincible.

Fans have once again reignited the debate of Zoro vs Sanji. Zoro had gained an upper edge because of his theatrics at the rooftop and people started counting Sanji out. However, the latest chapter of One Piece has once again put Sanji on the map.

Both he and Zoro are fighting opponents with almost similar strength. Though, Zoro has an advantage since he fought Kaido previously. However, the battle isn’t over yet and we haven’t learned about the extent of abilities of the Calamities.

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