Sanji vs Queen – Who Will Win?

Sanji vs Queen – Who Will Win?
Sanji vs Queen – Who Will Win?

In One Piece chapter 1015, Sanji vs Queen fight has started to take its roots. It was speculated months how Sanji was going to engage in a fight against Queen. Finally, it is coming to fruition because, in One Piece chapter 1015, Sanji arrived on the live floor.

Chopper tried resisting Queen but it didn’t work as he wanted. He did buy the time and now we will see the showdown between Sanji and Queen. So who has the highest probability of emerging victorious in this fight? Can Sanji beat this 1.35 Billion bounty man? Sanji vs Queen, who will win? Let’s find out.

Sanji vs Queen – Who Will Win?


Sanji is capable of using both Armament Haki as well as Observation Haki. We could even say that he has the best Observation Haki among the Strawhats. Sanji uses his legs to infuse Armament Haki in it and then attack the opponent. Similarly, he uses Observation Haki to observe the enemy’s movements and evade the attacks.

Going by the assumption, Queen should be capable of using both Armament Haki and Observations Haki. Since he’s one of the calamities it makes sense for him to possess both of these. However, we do not know to what extent he’s capable of using it. More so we’ve seen Queen mostly rely on his scientific weapons in a fight so far. So as far as Haki is concerned, Sanji may have a slight edge compared to him.

Devil Fruit

Sanji doesn’t have any devil fruit. He only uses his legs to launch any sort of attack by combining it with Haki. Meanwhile, Queen ate Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus. It is ancient type zone devil fruit due to which he can transform into Brachiosaurus.

Queen in His Devil Fruit Form

Ancient devil fruits are only rare in One Piece. They have considerably more strength compared to non devil fruit individuals and capable of overpowering their opponents in seconds.

Queen has even modified his devil fruit by attaching various pieces of machinery within his body. He can by his will shoot lasers from his mouth, extent his mechanical neck, and do what not. So for the devil fruit, Queen takes the round.

Combat Prowess

Sanji uses the Black Leg Style technique during his fights. Under this, he has mastered the attacks such as Diable Jambe which we’ve seen him use frequently. Mutton Shop and Anti-manner Kick Course are also two of his commonly used attacks. Apart from his attacks, he’s also capable of using Sky Walk which allows him to levitate in the air.

Sanji in His Raid Suit

Queen uses various cyborg enhancements to blast his opponents. He has installed various technological weapons all over his body. We’ve seen him use them even in his devil fruit form. Apart from that, he’s also capable of creating deadly viruses. Recently he created Ice Oni which was able to turn people into Ice Demons.

With Combat Prowess, Queen may have more flexibility and variety. It’s a tough choice but Queen may beat Sanji in this aspect.


Apart from using his legs, Sanji also has Raid Suit in his possession. It was given to him by his brother and is the creation of the Germa 66 group. By using this suit, Sanji can further enhance his power when attacking with his legs. Even more, it also makes him invisible as well as allows him to fly.

Queen has lasers and gun equipment within different locations in his body. He was also seen using Gatling Gun in the raid to Onigashima. Apart from that, he also possesses two cutlasses. Queen surely has a huge arsenal of weapons and he creatively uses them in a fight.

Sanji vs Queen – Who Will Win?

On the paper, Queen has higher chances of winning but we know that’s not going to happen. Sanji could struggle in the beginning but in the end, he will likely emerge victoriously.

Who do you think will win in the fight of Sanji vs Queen? Can Sanji beat him? Share what you think down in the comments. For more One Piece updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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