How to Pair Your Samsung Galaxy Watch with Your Phone?

samsung watch

In order to set up a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you have to connect it to a phone. Your watch can only connect to one phone at a time, but you can connect it to a different phone in the future. That means your watch needs to be backed up and reset before you can connect it to your phone unless you’re trying to connect it to the phone you used to set it up in the first place.

If you’re trying to connect your Samsung watch to the phone you used to set it up, both devices should join if they are both on, Bluetooth is turned on, and there isn’t too much wireless interference.

Here’s how to link a Samsung watch to the phone you used to set it up in the first place:

  1. Put the watch and the phone close to each other.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth on the watch.
  4. The watch can talk on the phone.

samsung watch

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You need to reset your Galaxy watch to connect it to a new phone or fix a link that no longer works. Backing up your watch data and settings is also a good idea because you don’t want to lose any data in the process. After resetting the watch, you can connect it to any phone that works with it.

Here’s how to link a Samsung watch to a phone:

  1. Swipe up from the watch’s main screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Connect to the new phone.
  5. Tap Back up data and follow the instructions on your phone to save your watch’s settings and other info.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. When you get a new phone, your watch will reset itself to its original settings so that it can connect to it. Put down your watch and pick up the phone you want to use.
  8. Get the Galaxy Wearable (Android) or Galaxy Watch (iPhone) app and put it on your phone.
  9. Tap Start.
  10. Wait for the app to find your watch, and when it does, tap Galaxy Watch.
  11. Tap Pair.
  12. Tap Sign in.
  13. Tap Continue.
  14. Tap Agree.
  15. Wait until the watch links up.
  16. Tap Continue or, if asked, sign in to Google.
  17. If you backed up your watch info in step 5, tap Next. If not, tap Skip.
  18. Choose to fix.
  19. Wait until the app finishes restoring your backup.
  20. Now, your Samsung watch is linked.

Why Can’t My Samsung Watch Connect to My Phone?

If your Samsung watch won’t connect to your phone, make sure that both the phone and the watch have Bluetooth turned on. You can also try turning off and on both your Samsung watch and phone to see if they can link. If there is a lot of wireless interference, you can also try moving your phone and watch to a place where there isn’t as much disturbance.

If you want to connect your Samsung watch to an iPhone, you should know that not all Samsung watches work with iOS. For example, your iPhone can find and try to connect to a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but the link will fail. If you’re trying to set up or connect your watch for the first time and it won’t work, make sure the watch is compatible with your phone.

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