Samsung unveils Exynos W920 processor ahead of Galaxy Watch 4 launch

According to the latest news, Samsung has announced the Exynos W920 processor. The new processor is specially designed for smartwatches and other wearables. Samsung says it is the world’s first wearable specific chip that is built on a 5 nm process.

The Exynos W920 comes with two Cortex A55 cores and a Mali G68 GPU. According to Samsung, this processor has the potential of delivering up to 20 per cent better CPU performance and up to ten times better GPU performance than previous wearable chips. The Exynos W920 also includes a Cortex M55 processor that is dedicated to driving an always-on display. This reduces power consumption further.

It seems we might not have to wait long to see this chip being used in commercial devices. Samsung explicitly said that the Exynos W920 “supports a new unified wearable platform Samsung built jointly with Google and will be first applied to the upcoming Galaxy Watch model.” The model most probably is one of the models of the extensively leaked Galaxy Watch 4 series. There is a chance that Samsung unveils the gadget on coming Wednesday at Samsung Unpacked event.

Samsung specified it has been working with Google for a new smartwatch software that combines Tizen and Wear OS. Now, it is confirmed that it will be running on new hardware as well. This is good news because performance has long been a major issue with the Wear OS watches.

Michael Turner
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