Samsung Galaxy Twist Two, Galaxy S20-String launch date Shown in Advertising Movie

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy S20-series launch date revealed in promo video

Samsung recently Declared the Galaxy S10 Lite along with the Galaxy Notice 10 Lite Tablets, clearing the way for Your Upcoming S-series and Also the much Expected Galaxy Twist 2.

On the other hand, the South Korean giant couldn’t maintain the approaching launch entirely under wraps and we understand the launch dates to its Galaxy S20 along with the Galaxy Twist 2.

Brandon Lee of The Tech Now first seen the promotional movie for Samsung Galaxy Unpacked along with an XDA Developers reporter shared that the movie on Twitter later asserting that Samsung will start the Galaxy S20 along with Galaxy Twist 2 in the event following month.

The leaked movie indicates that the event is scheduled for February 11, 2020. Even though the promo doesn’t mention the place, we anticipate the event to take place in San Francisco.

From the movie, the’A’ characters from”Galaxy” are substituted by just two rotating squares, which might be a sign to the large square camera lumps must be featured over the Galaxy S20’s back panel.

In his own follow up dialog, XDA’s Max Weinbach asserts the square in the left really signifies the Galaxy S20 whereas the square to the right would be a nod to the Galaxy Twist 2. Weinbach explained after that he must observe that a total of three videos that were collectible from Samsung in their media page.

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He explained that Vimeo urges videos in the conclusion, which are normally the most recent ones. On the other hand, the videos that are suggested even incorporate the movies that are unlisted. The movies are removed today and Weinbach likely watched the promo movies of Samsung Galaxy S20 along with Galaxy Twist two too.

Samsung Galaxy Twist 2, Galaxy S20-string

The Galaxy Twist 2 was leaked to game a clamshell design like the foldable Motorola Razr. According to earlier escapes and rumours, the Galaxy S20 string is reported to include those Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and also maybe an Ultra version.

The S20-string is supposedly powered with the Exynos 9830 chip paired with around 12 GB of RAM. It’s also expected to contain the 108MP main rear camera using a 48MP rear lens. ) The S20 series has been reported to operate 1 UI 2.0 predicated on Android 10 from the box.

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