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samsung galazy book S

As I find that Samsung launched its new Galaxy Book S then I couldn’t resist and that I bought the brand new Samsung Galaxy Book S ultrabook, which came on Amazon online shopping website only a couple of days ago.

I knew you bought it, it attracted me too much: fresh chip, incredibly low weight, contemporary and elegant design, incorporated LTE modem. . I couldn’t miss it.

And here I’m the first in Italy, I propose you my own review of the Samsung Galaxy Book S, a revolutionary and genuinely beautiful ultrabook, but that’s some problems too much from my point of view.

Since there are many, many things to say, I’d say not to waste time and proceed straight to the inspection of Samsung Galaxy Book S.

We locate that the Samsung Galaxy Book S, the various manuals along with the charger.

At first glance it’s lovely and incredibly tasteful, so much so that it seems fake.

It is actually very, very light: compared to MacBook Air 2019 it looks half as much in weight and size. And how thick! It is constructed with a care that I could define as obsessive: the casing is made entirely of metallic substance and the many elements are perfectly assembled. There are no sagging or crunches, you’ve got the feeling of owning a notebook in your hands that is completely portable but also very strong.

It’s extremely compact and thin, perfect to carry around with us during the working day, possibly while we’re going from 1 office to another or while we move between the various public transport.

The design is modern, refined, tasteful, with attention to every part. Nothing is left to chance.

It is a pity that, being light, it is not feasible to start the display with one hand (you lift the whole computer if we do not keep it still on the table).

The hinge that joins the keyboard and screen looks very solid and powerful. The USB-C ports are nicely spaced and readily accessible.

There are also rubberized feet around the foundation that avoid sliding the pc while we compose.

The chip causes this Samsung Galaxy Book S truly innovative: it is among those that we could find on Android tablets and tablets and for first time it is also used on computers with Windows 10 Home.

Merely to frame it , I figure out that from the various tests which can be seen on the internet the SoC Snapdragon 8cx is akin to an Intel Core i5-8250U concerning functionality . Based on PCMark 10, the behaviour is basically identical with Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Edge. Taking into account the graphics industry, the Adreno 680 GPU is quite similar in functionality to the Intel Core i5 UHD 620.

In a nutshell, on paper it must guarantee outstanding performance in regular usage , Office and university, and really it is so. The RAM is fast, the inner memory greater than sufficient and in any case expandable with MicroSD in the event of need.

The chip never heats up, even under stress. There aren’t any lovers , so the sound is obviously zero.


About 42 WH average with normal use of browsers and internet.

Samsung promises 25 hours of video playback, I have not got it.

With Office use, it takes 10-11 to 15-16 hours dependent on the open programs, the number of open Chrome tabs along with the actions you do.

Generally, however, a fantastic battery powered , which certainly covers a heavy working day and maybe even more.

The battery recharges completely in less than 2 hours as a result of the SuperFast charger included in the package.

Daily use & performance

It has an extremely low weight and about nearly infinite battery turns off and on in a flush it is super silent.

There’s however a small-big difficulty: the processor (and therefore Windows) only supports 32-bit programs. All 64-bit ones don’t work.

In my tests I had no troubles using all the programs on the Microsoft Store, but I discovered problems with 64-bit apps and apps. Nothing serious, 99 percent of users Won’t notice anything, except for the more experienced It’s fair to report that the apps compiled only in 64 bit don’t operate on this Samsung Galaxy Book S.

Only to be exact, I report that that I was not able to create any of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps work. I did not need it, but if some one of you use them, know that they don’t spin.

I have utilized this Samsung Galaxy Book S to:

And I have never encountered major problems, besides the ones that have been part of Windows (some surprising wreck of Chrome, some system slowdown, some Windows upgrade that required some time to install. .) .

In general, this product is perfect for:

Smart operations

Multimedia use

Net browsing + offices

It is not made to perform, it is the ideal product for people who have to deal with the company on the move and always wish to have a SIM at hand to browse even if there is no data connection, in addition to using a pc with infinite and incredibly light battery to stay in backpack or purse.

PersonallyI don’t like Windows: too much confusion, a lot of issues, a lot of things, but that is my personal taste, now I am utilized to macOS and I would never go back. Windows problems, however, aren’t the fault of Samsung Galaxy Book S, which remains a really good product.


It is really embarrassing to correct the screen light each moment.

Under sunlight, it reads discreetly, even if it is shiny. Together with my MacBook Air, I will work in a much superior way when I am outside in the garden, but with a little (maybe a lot) of effort, I managed to use this Samsung Galaxy Book S.

The resolution is far too low: in movies and matches it’s fine, but when handling texts (like in my case) the pixels of the letters are all visible, and they also annoy. A 1000 euro notebook MUST have a display with greater resolution and definition.

I’d also have liked the presence of an AMOLED panel since the unit is made by Samsung, queen in this discipline.

The touch is accurate, instantaneous, and quick, I have not encountered any issues. In reality, I truly loved the touch, particularly since, as we’ll see below, the keyboard and trackpad are not the best.

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