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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) to receive Android Pie update from April 2019: Rumors

With Samsung already providing Android Pie updates to its flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, there have been reports that Android Pie updates may reach cheaper and older Samsung devices in the upcoming months.

A recent report says that the Korean smartphone manufacturer is nowadays working on Android Pie updates for its Galaxy A series smartphones, and Galaxy A7 (2018) will be the first smartphone of the series to receive the update. The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified galaxy A7 (2018) with Android 9 Pie on-board, added reports.

As far as the reports are considered, Galaxy A7 (2018) is scheduled to receive the Android Pie updates from April, and this news puts the Galaxy A7 (2018) a step closer to the official update. Though Samsung has not confirmed anything regarding Galaxy A7 (2018) receiving updates in April, there are several leaks and rumors along with A7 (2018) being the first to be spotted with a test Pie firmware is a pretty solid hint from Samsung.

Samsung, on the other hand, is also making efforts to possibly release the Android Pie update for a number of other Galaxy A series smartphones in some markets in April itself. Samsung is taking the step to make sure that A7 (2018) probably won’t be the only model in the A series to have the pie update of Android for long.

But as we have already discussed that Samsung has not confirmed anything regarding the new Android version update and with Samsung’s roadmaps and schedules tends to change, it will be best to wait till the Korean manufacturer actually starts rolling out the updates or come up with a confirmation.

A report also hints that Galaxy A smartphones won’t have an Android Pie beta program, but they are sure to get Samsung’s new One UI skin and some of the features that accompany it.

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