Samoa Tourism Authority appoints Thrive because its PR service to creep up local marketing and advertising campaigns

Samoa Tourism Authority appoints Thrive as its PR agency to ramp up local marketing efforts

The Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) is gearing up its marketing and advertising campaigns in Australia and New Zealand, appointing Thrive because its regional public relations bureau and launch a campaign to push interest in prospective global journey to the country.

Thrive would soon be encouraging the rollout of their integrated efforts in Australia and also New Zealand and boosting long-term tourism growth and investment.

The Samoa Tourism Authority is currently preparing for international travel

Samoa hasn’t listed any cases of COVID-19 thus much, and so are careful concerning reopening its borders to global journey, STA CEO Fa’amatuainu Lenatai Suifua, stays optimistic about inviting Australians into the nation.


“We stay dedicated to creating a traveling bubble using Australia when it could be safely performed. Our main concern is to make sure the wellbeing of Australians and also Samoans is secure,” he explained.

“After traveling recommences, health concerns are going to be in the forefront of all we do and problems like insurance, quarantine and analyzing steps will be agreed upon together with the Australian Government”

Tourism is the largest sector in Samoa’s market. It brought 160,000 vacationers and only one in five of these was Australian.

The effort kicking off in Australia is branded’Beauty is gray’ and communicates to visitors which they will nonetheless have a gorgeous destination to anticipate in Samoa when global travel becomes accessible .

Fa’amatuainu represented about the challenges that the tourism market has confronted.

“It has been a difficult couple of months, but our aiga of operators stay in positive spirits. It has been inspirational to see that their resilience and we are all eager to welcome our favorite acquaintances,” he explained.

“we would like to find tourists return whenever you can, as Australia is likely, we are working hard to become a part of this Pacific travel bubble”

Thrive founder and managing director, Leilani Abels, includes a private connection to the accounts.

“Thrive has been delighted to be encouraging Samoa’s tourism restoration attempts in ANZ. As one of those very few COVID-19 free countries on earth, it is definitely a critical time for your island stone to flaunt its breathtaking organic resources and rich traditional culture,” she explained.

“Having Samoan heritage , I have been blessed to devote lots of time using their exceptionally warm and friendly natives, inducing the actual culture, and researching everything out of their untouched rainforests to magnificent concealed waterholes, therefore getting Thrive combine the STA aiga (family) is a really unique chance for the bureau.”

The effort video was created by Thrive with footage offered by STA.


Footage Offered by STAProducers: Georgia Bainbridge and Chanelle Mihailoff, Thrive PREditor: Michael Grant, Thrive PRPost-production: Michael Grant, Thrive PR

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