Salman Khan fires Rahul Vaidya for attracting nepotism on Bigg Boss

The renowned fact show Bigg Boss soars about the TRP graphs on weekends since Salman Khan creates a look and makes certain you teach a lesson into the contestants because of their wrong doings on this week. Now Salman Khan talks concerning the undesirable comment by Rahul Vaidya on nepotism.

During the week, if fellow contestants needed to vote their offenders for flooding, Rahul Vaidya nominated Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar and said his reason he hates nepotism. Shortly the offenders got into a battle with Rahul with this undesirable remark and certainly not making any way to make this up on this reality series. Vaidya further said that he thinks Jaan is about the series simply due to his dad’s name.


Last evening the series conducted a precap for the incident where Salman Khan flames Rahul Vaidya due to his comment about nepotism and asks that the protagonist,”If a dad does something to me, would be nepotism?” He tells Rahul that this isn’t the stage to deliver up nepotism and also to demonstrate the singer erroneous he even inquires Jaan has his own dad recommended him to get function, to that Jaan states no. Jaan even says that his father uttered him if he had been in his mother’s uterus and he isn’t overly near his father. 

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 Today appears like Salman Khan needed to have a stand on nepotism when things warmed on his display. In the last couple of months this disagreement had taken a horrible twist on social networking and networking stations when Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was blamed on nepotism. But resembles Dabangg Khan did not believe it was appropriate to remain quiet when its about his display.

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